Use of Imported Stones in Bathrooms

A bathroom is an important section of a house, be it residential or commercial. Bathrooms are places for refuge and serenity but not all of us have enough money to decorate our bathrooms. However, when you think of designing luxury lavatories, look beyond the conventional metal as well as tile thresholds and use a beautiful material that’s far more elegant. If you’re concerned about the basic purchase of the marble, then think about all the advantages of using marble as your finishing product. While you could spend a bit more today, you’ll save over time and potentially improve the worthiness of the house.















Imported Marble is a versatile stone that can be used anywhere in the bathroom. It can make up shower walls, countertops, sinks, and even the entire floor. However, there are aspects of imported marble that you must consider depending upon where you want to place it.

Here are THREE style ideas for using imported marble in the bathroom.

Style the Entire Bathroom with Imported Marble

If you don’t mind the maintenance that a marble bathroom requires to stay looking shiny and new and budget isn’t a concern, there’s nothing that screams elegance louder than a bathroom decked out entirely in marble. Whether it’s classic white, modern black, or a combination of marble types, you can do everything from the floors to countertops, walls, and even the whole shower in marble.

Use Imported Marble to Feature Different Areas

Marble flooring, countertops, vanity tables, and showers are all popular options for any bathroom style. If you’re planning a marble shower, make sure that the floor tray is a single piece of marble with no joins. You can also prefer adding a vanity top or use them for a shower niche or behind a sink or tub. Imported Marble goes well with any other material, so whether the rest of your bathroom contains elements of wood, porcelain, metal, or stainless steel, you can add marble to any bathroom to elevate the look.

Use Imported Marble to Add Detail and Designs

Imported Marbles in bathrooms have donned various upscale residences and give a sense of style by instantly elevating the space and giving it a royal rich look. You can use imported marbles to add details and designs in your space strategically on the walls, in the shower, or even on the floor. An impressive marble accent wall in the bathroom adds a royal touch of elegance.

Let us tell you FOUR good reasons to use imported stones in your bathrooms:

  1. The translucent property of imported marble allows penetration of light and hence makes the tile glow in the sunlight.
  2. Imported Marble is a good conductor of heat thereby allowing you to have a luxurious warm bath in winter.
  3. Beyond doubt Imported marble in bathrooms are decadently beautiful whether they are used on walls, floor, shower, sink or as small accessories.
  4. This resilient and appealing material is designed for high amounts of moisture as well as standing water. Cut to the appropriate size with minimum seams, it enables you to eliminate the vast majority of grout lines to better protect the subfloor

Imported Marble is such a remarkable natural stone offering too many uses both in the traditional and modern bathrooms. It is easy to clean and requires low maintenance overtime. You just need to get the marble polished and it regains its natural gloss and shine. For additional information about imported stones, Get in touch with us via our social media handles or drop us an email at  [email protected].