The versatile stone in motion

The word marble has been derived from the Greek ‘marmaros’ which refers to a bright, gleaming stone. These are among the specific qualities, which have led to marble being used as far back as the Ancient Greeks, for some of the most marvelous architectural and artistic masterpieces known to mankind. Marble has deeply inspired mankind to create motion and emotion out of cold hard stone. Think of the spectacular Taj Mahal – the mammoth monument to true love was built entirely of white marble and still stands bold and beautiful today, for all to see.


Sculptors have shown a preference for working with marble blocks due to their relative softness, which hardens and becomes denser and stronger with age. The variety of shades and patterns visible in the natural stone is also an additional feature, which sculptors seek out. White marbles – particularly the one hailing from Carrara in the northern part of Italy – have been specially earmarked for fine art sculpture. The stone, color, pattern, and qualities was a fundamentally important choice for the sculptor, particularly because it would take the average Greek sculptor around 12 months to create a life-sized marble statue.

Marble combines sheer strength, stunning beauty, and practical flexibility, resulting in a natural material which has a timeless appeal, is easy to work with and durable. Marble is both malleable and strong, which explains its popularity with both structural artistic pieces. In addition, this natural stone is available in a variety of colors and compositions, leaving ample room for artistic expression. In contemporary architecture and interior design, marble is itself a classic feature which spells luxury, opulence, and affluence; it also speaks to refined taste and discernment. Marble is the perfect complement to other natural and stylish materials such as wood, leather, and steel.

The combination of skilled traditional craftsmanship and advanced digital technology enable marble to be utilized to create moving, fluid masterpieces made of cold, hard and super solid stone. Since marble can be polished, particularly when used for decorative and ornamental work, it has been used with great versatility for furnishings, lighting, storage, accessories, tableware, interiors and fashion. At Millenium Marbles, we can provide you with high-quality marble stone slabs, with a variety of colors, shapes, patterns, and types, available upon demand from our large fully-stocked warehouse. Contact us for an individual consultation, without obligation.