The beauty of imported marble veins

Imported Marbles have long been considered the epitome of natural stone elegance. The beauty of imported marbles is that they look different every time as formed of recrystallised carbonate minerals. And the different colors, veins, sparkles and striations of the imported marbles can be used in various ways to liven up or to complement any space be that residential or commercial.

No imported marble veins are similar, they have some common features that can make it easier to identify them. For instance, linear veins run in a unidirectional way. There are different types of veins that can suit your space. It just depends on your style. Nowadays, these natural stones have evolved to fit both traditional and contemporary design styles. Let’s take a look at the marble veins and check how they differ and why they matter when you are planning to decorate your space!

Black Marquina: This black calcite imported marble is intensely black in color with fossil white veins. It has a huge demand from architects & interior designers for its application in flooring & wall cladding in luxury hotels or high society residences. It is one of the most internationally recognized black marble. The black imported marbles have a strong personality that can be used for interiors such as kitchen countertops, marble flooring, staircase, vanity tops and wall cladding. Also, it can be used for exterior paving and facades.

Green Onyx: Green Imported Stones leave a mesmerizing effect or impact on your visitors when they visit your space that has green imported stones applied on the walls. Available in various patterns i.e. veins, backgrounds and spots, these imported stones prove to be an eye-grabbing option for your walls. You can easily create abstract designs on your green imported stones walls using different decor items and that will leave a dazzling impact on your interior decor.


Coffee Brown: This brown imported marble is structured with white veins all over to give it an exclusive look of nature.The coffee-colored marbles are acclaimed for their elegant and classy look and economical pricing. Brown Imported Stones are beautiful and natural stones that have rich and deep warm hues which help in creating an earthy atmosphere. They help in adding a touch of earthiness to any space with their rustic hues.


Myra Beige: Myra Beige Imported Marble is a sober, sparkling dessert to adorn the spanning floors of your home. It is a warm light creamy beige fossilised sedimentary rock. Myra Beige is usually used for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, and other design projects.


Dekart Grey – A beauty in itself! One of the most sought after shades, this imported stone comes with a very smooth & shiny finish. It has powerful veins like patterns that add to its elegance & sophistication. It gives the feel of a timeless aspect to any space. Can be used for bathroom countertops, table tops, interior flooring & wall cladding.


French Red: This French Red imported marble is one of its kind that has an exquisite appeal with the hues of different shades of red. The veins that run through the entire composition bring that eternal classic appeal with an extra glossy finish. The subtle blend of colors with textured rich veins is what makes it an absolute classic shade of red. Ultimately, it makes for a perfect aesthetic for living and workspaces.


Imported marble floors need a bit of extra care especially when compared to others. If you still have questions on marble maintenance, please feel free to get in touch with us. We provide expert marble consultation at zero charges. For additional information about imported stones, Get in touch with us via our social media handles or drop us an email at  [email protected].