Silver Shade: Imported Stones

Imported Marbles with a silver shade have a natural beauty that never fades or wears away even in extreme weather conditions like heat, cold, humidity or dryness. Bathrooms benefit from their reflective properties, which give a space more depth than dark surfaces by illuminating it. Additionally, silver shade stones can be used for interior and exterior purposes, such as floors, walls, countertops/tabletops. There are also bars & restaurants as well as high-end hotels that use silver shade imported stones.

Our collection includes the following items.

Silver Travertine: It is regarded as an attractive stone in its rustic varieties and hues of white, cream, and tan. Having been used in the construction of the grand Colosseum, it remains a quintessential symbol of Roman culture. Laying it in a Versailles pattern offers a brilliant look for contemporary living and working spaces. The material is ideal for floors, walls, and bathrooms.

Silver River: A magnificent natural with a combination of grey and white veins, Silver River is a magnificent contender for your attention. The fantastic look of this material adds a sense of sophistication to any area, and the fact that it is highly durable makes it an excellent choice for countertops, floors, and backsplashes. A flexible option for both classic and modern design aesthetics. due to its smooth texture and understated variations in tone. Silver River Marble makes your living space more elegant and durable.

Silver Dyna: This is a premium stone that will make a statement in any space. Those looking for a high-end finish for their home or commercial space will love its unique combination of colours and textures. Enhance your space today with Silver Dyna’s timeless beauty. The material is perfectly suited for use in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, flooring, and even as a feature wall. Traditional or contemporary, the smooth & polished finish adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Silver Serpeggiante: This marble is a light-coloured greyish marble with a smooth, natural texture exhibiting curvy waves in white, black, and dark brown with a silver undertone. With this high-quality marble, your home will be filled with an aura of opulence. It will enhance the ambiance and create a luxurious feel in your residential hallway if you use this exquisite marble. In any type of renovation or new construction, Silver Serpegginate will add value, elegance, and sophistication to the space. The versatile design & remarkable durability make this beauty an excellent investment.

As a result, imported marbles contribute to contemporary home interior designs with elegance and beauty. Feel free to contact our experts if you have more questions about which one to choose for your space, they will assist you in making the right choice.

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