Redefining luxury lifestyles using imported stones

A lifestyle can have many connotations. And a luxurious lifestyle often involves creating a user experience around posh surroundings with exquisite design elements and materials. Luxury is not about quantity, or covering everything in marble – it’s about quality of design and space, and using materials that are timeless and well-made, and how they are put together. Explored via extravagant elevational quality and appeal – natural stones and surfaces like imported marble and granite play a crucial role in tallying various materials presented in a specific space.

You may use imported marbles to redefine your luxurious lifestyle. It denotes class, refined living, a chic style and luxury. The beauty of imported marbles is that they look different every time as formed of recrystallised carbonate minerals. And the different colours, veins, sparkles and striations of the imported marbles can be used in various ways to liven up or to complement any space be that residential or commercial.

Royal & rustic: Catering to eclectic lifestyle settings, a mixture of textures and colours can truly imbibe a sense of deluxe & luxurious experiences. For example: Beige, Statuario, Blue Onyx, etc., can be placed alongside rustic natural materials like wood, veneers, etc. In addition, one can choose from numerous types of marble and finishes to develop glitzy and ostentatious spaces.

Elaborate furnishings: Marble manufacturers in India and abroad are constantly launching newer and more remarkable designs. In order to develop ultimate and luxurious lifestyle highlighters, one can explore and opt for personal fashion styles along with interior design modules that will result in a spectacular and lavish lifestyle. For example, marble backsplashes, marble cladding and many more patterned alternatives can be matched with couture prints, embroideries, and furnishings.

Magnificent metallics: Imported marble like Black Marquina unveils diverse veins in alluring and royal hues like gold, silver, rose, etc. These tantalising strokes in the natural stone slabs offer opportunities for marble companies to collaborate with metallics. Matching these exclusive veins, metal inlays in flooring or countertops can bring a certain richness to the space, simultaneously accentuating the living experience. Likewise, Emperador marble can bring in a mood of timelessness and a sense of heritage which add up to the luxurious living experiences when paired with metallics.

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