Marbles for Bathrooms

Five Good Reasons to Use Marble Thresholds in Bathroom

When designing luxury lavatories, look beyond the conventional metal as well as tile thresholds and use a beautiful material that’s far more elegant.

If you’re concerned about the basic purchase of the marble, then think about all the advantages of using marble as your finishing product. While you could spend a bit more today, you’ll save over time and potentially improve the worthiness of the house.

  1. Moisture Isn’t any Problem

Water sooner or later rots wood without a protective shell, and the grout among tiles will deliver way after some time and need to be replaced. Metal may possibly rust with regular contact with humidity; however, you won’t need to worry about these problems with marble.

This resilient and appealing material is designed for high amounts of moisture as well as standing water. Cut to the appropriate size with minimum seams, it enables you to eliminate the vast majority of grout lines to better protect the subfloor.

  1. Beveled, Lifted or Ripped

Marble thresholds are usually finished off in numerous different methods, and all of them have different advantages and disadvantages. When coping with the doorway for the bathroom, you’ll probably decide the marble to remain flush with the floor in order that you won’t trip onto it accidently. This can also be a wonderful solution for flat, handicapped-accessible showers which need to support wheelchairs.

Another option would be to have one or the two sides of the threshold beveled. In the event the edge is angled, it’s unlikely becoming a tripping danger. Finishing each side with an angle enables you to have a slightly lifted threshold across the shower or in a different area without increasing the chance of stumbling.

  1. Enhanced Property Value

As appraisers walk though home, they’re searching for the small upgrades which make a huge difference. Things such as marble flooring and thresholds give your house a bit of a boost in the value. When you probably won’t see a dollar-for-dollar rise, you may still expect the employment of marble to get a positive net impact on the value of your property.

Perhaps more to the point, using marble makes your house more attractive to customers. Rather than watching your house sit in the marketplace for a few months, you might discover that this attracts much more viewers as well as ultimately offers faster compared to you anticipated. This means less stress plus more attractive offers once you eventually put the property out there.


  1. Suitable With Any Décor

Whether you’re finishing over the bathroom within a sleek contemporary style or selecting something more casual, marble can be a fine choice which will work superbly. With different materials, you are able to wind up needing to change all of them out every time the décor will be updated, but that won’t become a concern with marble. Whether you choose a white, tan, or even gray color, you can be confident that it’s going to work together with your changing shade schemes and end up being an asset for quite some time.

  1. Wholesale Pricing

With some other building supplies, you’re restricted to what’s offered at your nearby store, and you’ll have to pay retail prices in many instances. With marble, you get another option on hand.