Marble Table tops

Recent years, despite many different kinds of materials and designs launched for the table tops, some basic materials are never losing its value. One of these materials is Marble. Marble is a metamorphic rock that has the veiny structure occurred by the natural heat and pressure.

Marble is an elegant material which can be compatible with different styles. It is possible to see the marble top both in modern and antique tables. Despite its density and durability, it is accepted as a soft stone.

Why to choose marble table tops?

 Marble has a timeless appeal, and it is a represents the natural beauty. With its sophisticated look, it is the sign of elegance. It can be paired with a different style of materials. Finding marble tables in different colors and textures is possible.

Marble table can provide an extravagant ambiance and still be affordable. It not only gives classic look but also an individual and exclusive taste to your furniture with an air of luxury.

Whether with natural marble or faux-marble, wooden legs or metal framed legs, it is always possible to find a marble table that will match the interiors of your house.

Things to consider before using Marble table tops:

  • Marble is a bulky and heavy material and delicate for the crushes. Therefore preferring natural marble table needs more attention.
  • The cracked marble cannot be gathered back as before. For this reason, marble tables are more suited to use in less used areas in your house.
  • For the families with children, it is important to avoid preferring marble tables with sharp edges.
  • It is also an important fact that, once you placed marble on table top, it must be avoided to move as much as possible.

Things to do to care for marble table top:

  • Despite having a marble table is a right decision about the durability for the long-term choice as it may outlast for the long term, it should not be forgotten that, marble tops need resealing in several years to retain the surface shiny. This time can change according to the using frequency.
  • To maintain the surface quality of the marble dining table, the coasters and trays must used for the foods and drinks.
  • In case of spills, it must be wiped up immediately to prevent permanent staining.
  • It is also important to prefer cleaners only recommended for marble because other cleaners can damage the finish of the marble table with the chemicals that are containing or with the acidic structure of them.