Marble Mantels Give Your House A Royal Look

Marble is considered to be a stone of Kings, emperors, And Maharajas. If you are residing in India then marble must be your first choice because it provides a cooling effect in the hot and harsh weather of India. It not only brings a sophisticated and elegant look but it also revives the rich cultural backgrounds of India. Your home is no doubt the place where you feel most relaxed and comfortable and you obviously want other people, It should be a place where you feel safe and can enjoy yourself and have happy moments, relaxing moments and quiet moments alike. You can use marble mantels in many places in the home such as the kitchen, bathroom and on fireplaces. Highly decorative Tudor or Gothic marbles are very popular, especially over fireplaces and in the kitchen.


Marble mantels can be very expensive and this is due to the intricacy and delicacy of the artwork that goes into these fabulous pieces. Obviously, it takes much time and skill to create these fine designs. There are designs that come already carved or you can have them made to order with your own designs. The colors available are varied, from pure white marble to different shades of red, blue, green and, of course, black as well as other colors.

Marble has been used for hundreds of years to decorate and furnish homes and the Tudor and Gothic designs date back many centuries to the periods of architecture that their names suggest. Nowadays it is very popular to replicate these themes and this is what many people are doing in their homes, in England especially.

Apart from the complicated, intricate artwork, there is also marble writing which is available and this can be used to great effect on walls and tables as well as on mantels. This written artwork dates back to the days of Gothic architecture. Tudor designs are also making a big comeback and this composed more of the beautiful, delicate designs rather than writing. Both designs and other historical themes can all be used together to great effect. It is very popular to mix and match different historical periods in the use of marble when designing the décor for a home.


 Therefore it is worth bearing this in mind when you are deciding where to put your decorative mantel. High traffic areas usually gather dust and dirt much more easily so you may decide against having one in the kitchen. In the bathroom or over a fireplace would be fine though and there are even special cleansers for soot and smoke stains. A bathroom with perhaps a white mantel and contrasting décor would look very stylish indeed. Whatever you decide, you can be sure that a marble mantel will just add traditional, elegant beauty to your home.