Green Imported Stones

Choosing colour should be an enjoyable experience that leaves you feeling good about the space you are creating. Don’t rush into anything.  Listen to your gut, trust your instincts – they never lie! Green is a natural colour that makes you feel optimistic & refreshed. It symbolises health, wealth and new beginnings. It helps in relaxing and creates a balance in the space it fits in. 

Green imported stones are pretty versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways. They are available in different shades and patterns which brings instant style to any space. Since it is a durable, long-lasting material, it is popular for flooring, counters, and even built-in seating. These imported stones have an impressive artistic quality to it. Thus, making your space look good and eye-catching.

Applications of Green Imported Stones

Flooring: It can be considered as one of the sturdiest and durable options for flooring. It has a natural look that adds an additional sense of beauty, refinement and classic cool effects. It can be used for flooring in interior places like a living room, gallery, bedroom, etc. Maintenance of green imported stones is easy as minor dust and stains are not easily noticeable on it. 

Wall Cladding: Green Imported Stones leave a mesmerising effect or impact on your visitors when they visit your space that has green imported stones applied on the walls. Available in various patterns i.e. veins, backgrounds and spots, these imported stones prove to be an eye-grabbing option for your walls. You can easily create abstract designs on your green imported stones walls using different decor items and that will leave a dazzling impact on your interior decor. 

Kitchen Top: Green imported stones add a functional value to your kitchen space if used as a countertop. No matter how much heavy cooking, heating or reheating happens in your kitchen or cooking area, these imported stones will help you in maintaining the temperature and will make the space sultry. Green imported stones are strong and heat-resistant in nature. 

Bathrooms: Green imported marbles have a decorative look and its wide variation in veining and colouring is considered its best trait. In a medium sized bathroom, a white bathtub will look striking against the green imported stones. They are highly durable and bring an instant style into a space. 

Types of Green Imported Stones

Wakanda Mystery
Light Green Onyx
Green Onyx
Green Onyx

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