A Customer’s Journey at Millenium Marbles

Planning and building a space can be exhausting, especially when one is new to it all. The market has a myriad of options to choose from and that makes it all the more difficult to make the right choice. We all want to build our homes with nothing but the best, thus it is crucial to find the right source of professional advice. 

We, at Millenium Marbles, have 22+ years of experience in marble manufacturing & sales.  Our marbles and other natural stones such as travertine, onyx, and granite are imported from more than 18 counties across the globe. At Millenium, all our clients are spoilt for choices and exceptional quality. Hundreds of our clients have gained the benefit of our professional advice and saved themselves from the trouble of finding a separate designer and spending a huge amount of money.

Our determination towards our goal is what makes us unstoppable! Focusing right on our ethos of – Saving our customers time & money, Millenium Marbles is always on a constant quest of providing timely delivery, top quality stones, thereby becoming a team extension of our clients business & imported stone needs. 

Let’s now take a look at a customer’s journey at Millenium Marbles

  • Understanding requirements: 

Firstly, we try to understand our client by asking them a few questions about how they want to create their space – the look and feel, their expectations, the budget, etc. We help them select stones and ensure that it will add value to their spaces.  Additionally, we perform a deep market and industry analysis to better learn the space they are wishing to create at this point or plan to create in the future

  • Showcasing our imported marble collection: 

 We provide quality material at the most reasonable price. Our relationships with our suppliers world over ensures premium block availability and quality. We are the only company which has manufacturing plants in all the 3 major markets in India- Silvassa, Shoolagiri and Kishangarh. We are one of the biggest natural stone importers in India with more than 300 varieties of stones. Our  imports are from more than 18 countries. Our monthly manufacturing capacity is 10 lakh sq.ft of Imported Stones per month. We try to showcase all our stone collections to our clients as per their requirements.

  • Material Consultation

Once the material has been finalised by our client, we brief them about the material that they have selected for their space. Usage of material, pros and cons, maintenance and care – are very clearly explained to the client by our team. In this process, we try to educate our customers about imported marbles.

  • Price Advantage

Having a market presence from the last 20 years, we have developed a strong relationship with our suppliers who give us priority in material selection and the price. And also being  wholesalers and having ready stock of over 8 lakh sq ft in each factory we are able to provide our customer with the best price for their imported stones. We have a good price range in specific colour material. We have a vast price range which helps us fulfil the requirements of all the customers

  • Purchase Decision 

Every stone we import has gone through various testing parameters- such as, porosity, strength, hardness, etc. We carefully select our stones and ensure that it will add value to our clients’ spaces. The value we provide is we help breathe life into their spaces; when they choose the various Imported Stones from us. Clients take the time and effort to visit us and we respect that. Their inputs are not taken for granted and we never try to upsell them. Therefore, all of these parameters help in making an easy and quick purchase decision for the customers. 

  • Timely Delivery 

Timely & Qualitative delivery is what we believe in. We ensure that our clients do not face any difficulty after purchasing the materials from us, we stand strong by them right from the moment they visit our factory to the time they receive the materials at their doorstep. 

If you have more questions about which one to choose for your space, feel free to get in touch with our experts, they will help you in making the right decision.  Get in touch with us via our social media handles, our digital team will help you solve your queries at the earliest possible or you can also feel free to drop us an email at  [email protected]m