7 Best ways to use Travertine in construction projects

Intriguing looking stone and wondered what gives it the unique look that marks its rustic feel.The result is a limestone-like rock with pockets throughout the material.Travertine is an amazing natural stone, normally softer than marble but harder than limestone. It is great for both the indoor and outdoor construction projects.


                                      1.Outdoor kitchens

Chiseled and bushed tiles are best choice to add functionality and sophistication to a kitchen. Travertine tiles are great for high-traffic area like kitchen. This material is also great for the kitchen backsplash.


If you want to bring a real stone touch then you should use travertine tiles on walls and ceilings.You can also use them in dens, hallways, wine cellars and studies.

3.Pool decks

Tumbled Travertine Pavers provide a refined and beautiful space around a pool deck. it is a best choice for tropical areas.it absorbs extra water to keep the place safe to walk upon. Besides, during the summer, the place will stay cool there will be no burning of feet during the hot summer months.

4.Travertine flooring

Travertine tiles and pavers are a simple way to enhance the value of your house. Since it is economical as compared to other natural stones, it is now becoming popular for flooring. It is also good for high traffic areas.


                                   5.Steps and walkways

The tumbled surface of a travertine paver providesgood traction for foot traffic so it makes it a perfect choice for walkways. They can also withstand heavy objects such as patio sets and large planters. It is also good choice for stair treads.


Travertine mosaics and tiles are available in various designs and colors to add luxury to a bathroom. These tiles are less in pricing as compared o other stones. They are a new way to remove the old traditional bathroom tiles and they are also great for countertop backsplashes


                                7.Fireplaces & Hearths/ Fire pits

The various sizes, colors and finishes of Travertine makeit easier for homeowners to obtain the hearth or fire place that they desire. Travertine can also be used to build the fire pits and the walkways to the fire pits.