Latest Marble Designs For Your Exteriors

Home decor talks a lot about who you are and the values that you represent. People maintain their interiors – living space to make a spectacular first impression to their guests. But not to forget there’s incredible amount of beauty in imported marbles that can be translated outside in a variety of ways. Think about your porch, garage terrace, and other areas that are being ignored or not considered as the priority of people. Imported marbles & natural stones exterior claddings, floorings & walls are suited perfectly for outdoor conditions. 

We’ve chosen a sampling of ideas to inspire you and to introduce imported marble, in particular, into your outdoor design. 

Black, Brown & White Borders: On a basic imported marble flooring, lines & striations go hand in hand. On white imported marbles, you may play with black lines & match them with the brown ones. Your visitors will love this flooring harmony & seamlessness. 

Stunning Black Marble Floor: Black imported marble floors are highly distinctive. They add a wonderful feeling of aesthetics and elegance to the exteriors. Choose this marble flooring option for your home exteriors if black is your first and final passion. You may mix it with any furniture and design items because of its neutral colour. 

Cool Pool House: Pool houses serve as a connection between the outdoors and indoors. You may use some Pearl Grey honed imported marbles or any imported marble that is already being used in the interiors. It will create a monolithic appearance and offer superior durability, the same can be used for the kitchen countertops inside.

Use Patterns: Your property will appear fantastic with lustrous imported white marble flooring with brown or black marbles. By switching out the imported marbles, you may experiment with other combinations for the same. This combination gives off a regal but understated appearance.

The Dynamic Design with Stripes: Imported Marbles with stripes utilised on the floor and surrounding the tub or a pool give this contemporary setting a dynamic feel.

Broken Marble Floor Design: This is one of the most common imported marble flooring patterns in India. This flooring design is perfect for you if you enjoy zigzag patterns and want to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere in your outdoor area. This flooring option makes your outdoor space seem wonderfully distinctive while attracting your guests’ attention.

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