Different types of imported marble finishes

Imported marbles are unique exotic stones to work with. They are used to create historic & classic elegance and are also seen as modern & chic in today’s designs. These luxurious natural stones add a touch of class to countertops, backsplashes & floors. However, the look of the space where imported stones are being used, will vary drastically depending on the type of finish of marble being chosen.

The different types of imported stones finishes contribute to the beauty of each space in multiple ways. They add on to the comfort, individuality and convenience. Below is your guide to different marble finishes:

Polished: This is a high gloss and reflective surface finish that brings out the natural colours of the marble. It gives the surface of the marble a high level of gloss. Along with minimising the porosity, it also gives the surface a mirror-like appearance. The surface is polished with fine abrasives, with the degree of polish determined by the natural marble’s mineral elements and texture – not all natural stones can be polished. Usually recommended for floor, wall and bench top coverings, polished stones are not usually recommended as external marble flooring due to their tendency to be slippery when wet.

Honed: A smooth matte to light sheen surface finish (depending on the stone). It is created using different grades of abrasives under factory conditions. They are commonly used and recommended for internal floors and kitchen countertops. Unlike the polished finish, the honed finish does not represent shine or glossiness, rather it represents a uniform appearance & soft quality to the touch.

Leather: This finish gives the look & feel of sophistication when used in residential, commercial and hospitality spaces. They are not reflective as glossy, highly polished surfaces. They add a bit of sheen to the surface, but are not shiny. They add an extra sensory element to a countertop table, but also show far fewer fingerprints and water spots than a polished surface.

3D Finish: The polished finish of imported marble and natural stones give the surface material a high level of gloss. It highlights the color and properties of the stone giving it the appearance of a mirror and it is capable of reflecting the environment that surrounds it. In interiors, it can be used for vertical cladding & worktops. In exteriors, it can be used in vertical coatings.

Acid Wash Finish: An artistic technique to generally imprint a design onto a surface. Stone surfaces using this finish generally are treated by acids to definitely give them a spectacular basically antique look, which actually is quite significant. This finish shows fewer scratches and is much more rustic in appearance than a honed finish. Most stones can be acid-washed but the most common are marble and limestone. Acid washing is also a way to soften the shine on granite.

Hopefully we’ve provided you with enough knowledge to be a smarter shopper by understanding and appreciating the natural and beautiful differences of imported stones. 

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