Imported Marble Furniture Trends 2022

Imported marbles have always been associated with luxury and worldliness. These magnificent stones bring with themselves a promise of forever – timeless elegance & classic beauty. Imported marbles have also been used in architectural masterpieces throughout history starting from the stunning Taj Mahal to the beautiful Basilica of Saint Paul. Marbles soon became the industry’s favourite for bathrooms & kitchens. But along with the advancement in time & technology, marbles are  today changing the world of interior design & luxury interiors.

Each piece of marble is unique and with that comes a surge of opportunity to experiment, play around and try it in different ways to give your space that elegant and aesthetic look. Today, we thrive on precision and what better than using marble into making some gorgeous furniture and home decor for your beautiful place. Without any doubts or questions, marble furniture is today one of the most lusted-after finishes to have in any space. It will compliment you and be an eye-catching conversation starter. The fact that it is durable gives it an upper hand to be an excellent choice for home furniture and decor.

The trend of using marbles in furniture is showing no signs of putting on the brakes. Listed below are some striking ideas that will help you design your space beautifully:

Marble Coffee Table: In the centre of your living room i.e. the beating heart of any home, a white or a black marble coffee table will earn significant eyes and respect in terms of elegance & sophistication. It will be a “showstopper” piece of furniture – a place to put your drinks, a place to put your feet up for comfort and for more storage purposes.

Marble Lamp: Marble table lamps, marble floor lamps & ceiling lights and sconces will never run out of fashion. This is less of a commitment as marble lamps only involve picking up the right size, shape and colour for the correct place in your space. It adds a luxe element and makes your space look like one-of-a-kind.

Marble Side Table: Imported marbles have an irreplicable pattern and each slab is different, making your tabletop unique. Also, given the variety of colours available, these side tables will enhance the look and feel of your space instantly. They can be used at the sides of your sofa cushions or bedside. You can either use it to keep a lamp or just a small plant to add to the look.

Marble Mirror Stands: The first thing we do in the morning when we wake up is look in the mirror. Adding a touch of marble can add a lot of elegance and class to your bathroom mirror or in any other space. You can have them designed as you want, with marble on the bottom or with an entire base of marble. But the best part is they help you achieve those vintage aesthetics look while actually being long-lasting.

Marble Columns & Dividers: This is something super new that you can add to your furniture and have people eyeing on it every time they visit your place. Columns are a very good option in open space home plans. They help delineate the space and make it look organised. Another way to divide an open lay-out is to build a half-wall. Marble will add decorative touches to both columns and half-walls making them stand out in the interior.

Apart from these, one can also use marble-bordered photo frames, geometric marble coasters, abstract marble sculptures for their interiors. 

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