4 Distinctive Ideas To Use Imported Marble Table Tops Effectively

Imported marbles are beautiful, elegant and natural stones with timeless appeal that never goes out of style. Imported marbles can not only be used for flooring & wall cladding, but they can also be used as a tabletop for a pleasant & memorable experience. They not only look good but also become the star attraction of the space being used in. The fact that imported marbles are durable gives it an upper hand to be an excellent choice for being a part of your space.

Each piece of imported marble is unique and with that comes a surge of opportunity for you to experiment, play around and try different ways to give your space that elegant & aesthetic look. Listed below are some distinctive ideas that will help you use imported marbles in your tabletops effectively.

Sleek & Stylish       


  Keep it thick

Go All White  


 Shape Matters

Listed below are a few reasons for you to choose imported marbles for your tabletops.

Imported Marbles are Heat Resistant: Marble and natural stones adjust the temperature of interiors thereby keeping inside warm when outside is cold and vice versa. This feature is known as thermal inertia and is unique to natural stone. Natural stone also provides excellent noise cancellation.

Imported Marble is an art, not just a stone: Imported Marbles are the most breathtaking stone. They add durability, beauty and value to your home. Used increasingly across the world, they not only look outstanding but also have immense strength and weather every condition.

Imported Marbles are durable: The most crucial aspect of natural stone is its durability. It can last for years and decades with very little damage. This over time significantly reduces maintenance costs. They are highly durable and can last for a lifetime if maintained well.

Imported Marbles are both expensive & affordable: Many homeowners and commercial property owners think imported marbles are not a budget-conscious surface material; however, there is a wide price range. The fluctuation in price is affected by the location of the quarry, demand, availability, and actual slab choice and thickness. While all marble is formed the same way – they are not all equal in quality and beauty, which will determine the price.

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