Use of imported marbles in office spaces

A well designed workplace boosts both productivity and efficiency. It is important for an office space to be both vibrant and dynamic that welcomes both employees and clients with a positive work atmosphere. Office aesthetics are now becoming an important part of a company’s culture and values. Beyond making an impression on clients, office design also impacts a company’s bottom line, thus affecting productivity and profitability. 

The timeless beauty and adaptability of natural stone makes it an ideal choice for desktops, flooring, wall cladding, conference room tables, and more throughout a modern workplace. Today we are sharing some ideas for you to create a lively, enjoyable atmosphere that will boost the energy of your workplace.

Office Floors: Make your office look more spacious and elegant with imported marble flooring. Imported marbles are available in a variety of colours, patterns and designs, making it very versatile. You can use this imported stone in either ways i.e. to create a minimalistic haven or a luxe look. 

Office Accessories: You may decorate your office space using a marble flower vase. Imported marble blocks for holding pens or books also look refined & give a polished appearance. The desk name plate can also take the marble look and look classy.

 Office Furnitures: The conference table, desks, table at the reception, etc. all can have the imported marble tabletop. Doing this will transform the entire look of your office. While selecting imported marble for your office furniture, you get a variety of options in terms of slab thickness, types of finishing, edge profiles or desired aesthetics.
Office Walls:  If you don’t like imported marble on your floor, you can use it on your walls instead. You may pick a small section of your office, then go from the top to the floor with any marble variety. Later on, incorporate a shelf on that side of your office. Doing this will provide an additional room for working and also give your office a fresh look.

Why are imported marbles the best choice for your office space?

  1. Heat resistance: The natural stone does not alter even at high temperatures. You could safely use it in the area immediately surrounding a fireplace without a shred of worry. The floors will even remain cool in hot summers
  2. Allergy-proof: Imported natural stones prevent the breeding of bacteria and allergens.
  3. Aesthetics: The beauty of imported marble is hard to match. You can also pick from a wide range of colours, vein patterns and grains to find the perfect fit for your home
  4. Durability: Marble will not wear out, and it is pretty easy to maintain. With marble, you are sure to have the same quality you started with after many years.
  5. Fire-Resistant: In the event of a fire outbreak, marble will be of advantage. It will not aid in the spread of the fire as opposed to wood materials in the office.

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