What affects the price of imported marbles?

Imported Marbles are today considered as one of the most amazing materials and have also become a popular sustainable option. In today’s scenario, people like to adopt an eco-friendly approach as an alternative to everything that they want to be a part of their space. Imported Marbles are always considered environment friendly since it is a natural stone, which benefits and creates a positive environment in various ways. As imported marble itself comes in the natural form it doesn’t require any power or energy to be produced & it can also be recycled and reused always.

Millenium Marbles brings to you imported beautiful & elegant stones to deck up your spaces. Given the huge variety of colors, shapes & designs, marbles give a buyer countless ways to decorate a space to give the perfect finish. However, each imported stone differs in their price. Let’s dive deeper into the topic and understand the reasons behind it.

Availability – There is a market demand for certain types of imported marbles. The price depends on the rarity of the material also. Certain imported stones especially the white ones are rare and the number of white marble quarries are so limited so they cost more. Different quarries based out of Turkey or Italy or any other place, have their own pricing that has been set up depending on the demand or popularity of their material.

Application of the imported marble –  Since imported marbles are highly versatile, they can be used for flooring, countertops, vanity tops, etc. The application also has an impact on the cost. For example, imported marble flooring will be more expensive than the imported marble kitchen countertop. The gross cost of the imported marble gets affected because of the application and not the actual price of the slab.

Size or thickness – The thickness of the imported slab is a big consideration when it comes to the cost. A common thickness of 2cm, 3cm and 5cm. The price keeps increasing with the thickness. A 5cm thick marble slab gives a substantial and rich look to the space but a 3cm common thickness is usually chosen by majority homeowners because of its price.


Surface finishing – The finishing of the imported marbles also have a huge impact on the cost. A polished finished imported marble is the most common one amongst all. Honed finish helps in showing off the natural beauty of the stone without the distraction of a mirror-like shine. Other finishes include leather & brushed. However, now there is a range of stimulating 3D surface finishes available that draw attention, especially to the internal cladding.

However, while purchasing imported marbles for your space, we recommend you to look for the value you get. Imported marbles are a long-term investment and you get to experience its beauty even after you forget its price.

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