Pros & Cons Of Travertine

Travertine is recognized for its rustic, distinctive and classic look. The stone is light colored; so it has shades of light brown, grey, gold, white and tan. It can also come in a dark tone of rusty red. The iron content of travertine mainly determines its colour; travertine has a peculiar old look, which is due to its long history of use. One of the most desirable qualities of travertine is its unpolished weathered look. Depending on its finish, travertine has a wide range of appearances apart from the common rustic look. Due to the fact that travertine is a natural stone no two travertine will look exactly the same. Depending on the look you want for your floors, you can go with small mosaic tiles or large slabs of travertine.

Due to its porous feature and having little holes throughout its body, it is important you consider whether you want filled or unfilled travertine. Filled or unfilled simply refers to whether these holes are filled or not; I would recommend filled travertine because they are more durable. Also have in mind that the look of your specific travertine floors depends solely on the finish applied.

Let’s discuss the PROS and CONS of travertine stones.

Pro 01: Economical
Travertine stones are as beautiful and durable unlike other stones such as marbles or granite. However, they are about twice as cheap as others.

Pro 02: Non-Slippery Texture
Travertine has a natural non-slippery texture and is ideal for bathrooms, pools, showers, etc. Its porous surface is easy to grip and walk on. 

Pro 03: Eco-Friendly
It is both recyclable and biodegradable. If interested in upcycling, one can even try to find salvaged pieces of travertine from an old installation for a new project.  

Pro 04: Appearance
Travertine has a timeless look. It also comes in a variety of stunning colours and various patterns. 

Con 01: Cold Floors
Travertine doesn’t retain heat well, so when you step barefoot onto your tile on a cold morning, you’ll notice the chill immediately. 

Con 02: Heavy Materials
Your installation will probably take time, because travertine is quite heavy. Travertine installation will take longer, and you might face limitations in using them. 

Con 03: Care & Maintenance
Natural travertine has many holes, making it a very porous material. As a result, the stone can get stains more easily from spills, especially from acidic substances. 

Con 04: Hard Nature
Travertine is hardy in nature, but it is prone to chipping and also brittles due to its limestone component.

There is no doubt that travertine makes a beautiful choice for any space. However, one must have a fair knowledge about the pros and cons before making the final purchasing decision. 

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