How to clean and maintain imported marbles at home?

Imported marbles are the epitome of beauty. Though they are beautiful because of their colours and patterns, they still require a little care and maintenance in order to sustain the elegance and sophistication of your space. Imported natural stones can last lifelong however, they are vulnerable to acidic liquids. Hence, cleaning and maintaining them is a hassle at times. 

Here we are sharing some cleaning tips today to prevent scratches as it makes the home look beautiful.  We are providing some best tips to clean your marble floor.

Use Sealant: During the installation process, imported marbles are coated with sealant in order to protect the surface from chipping off. It also helps in the prevention of acidic reactions and makes the imported stone stain-resistant. To ensure the durability of your imported marble, apply sealant on the bottom of the slabs during the installation process. It helps in preventing dirt from entering the imported marble slabs from within and helps in protecting it from getting damaged or ruined. 

Use Baking Soda: We can use baking soda to clean the water stains. As baking soda is an alkaline powder and mildly abrasive, it works as a safe agent to remove the stains from the marble surface. Create a thick paste by mixing water and baking soda. Apply the paste on the stain and rub it in a circular motion to cover the entire spot. Spread plastic wrap over that area and let it sit for another 24 hours.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide: Another super agent to remove stains is the use of hydrogen peroxide. As it is an oxidizer and a bleaching agent, it removes stains effectively. Sprinkle a decent layer of cream of tartar on the water stain and add enough hydrogen peroxide to form a thick paste. Rub the mixture on the stain with a cloth using a gentle scrubbing motion. Cover with paper towels, and let it sit for about half an hour. Use a clean and damp cloth to wipe away all residue.

With addition to sealant and deep cleaning, you can also clean imported marbles at home using the following techniques:

  1. Avoid harsh chemicals and acid-based cleaners. Excessively acidic or alkaline chemicals like bleach or vinegar can etch (chemical burn) and dull your imported marble.
  2. Use Collins and Dettol. Since the two liquids are mild and have a polishing effect on the imported marble hence, they can be used to clean walls and countertops. 
  3. You can also use  hot distilled water to remove the stains from the marble floor.
  4. Use mild soap or natural cleaning solution and water to clean up spills from the marble.
  5. If you have opted for a honed finish over diamond polish, use soft scrub or brush to clean the dust and dirt.

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