Imported Onyx Stones

Onyx is the stuff of fantasy. It appears to be a gemstone, with wavy bands of amber, ivory, and white fused together in a fluid pattern. During the backlit, it reflects an ethereal and soft light. Undoubtedly, it is an extraordinarily beautiful natural stone. If you pick a piece of onyx and keep it against any light source, you can observe different shadows and shapes through the stone. Due to its fragility feature, onyx is usually created and installed with a fibreglass, mesh or resin backing to help give it strength as a tile. Onyx is extremely porous. It is vulnerable to stains and scratches and absorbs liquids. To protect the stone, seal it well with an impregnating sealer meant for porous stones prior to grouting it. The sealer will help as a grout release to make clean up easier, while it helps to protect the stone from future staining.

Pink Onyx – Pink Onyx is a favorite for the ones who desire something extraordinarily different for countertops, vanity tops, showers, floors, and decorative elements. When we choose warm-toned pink onyx, they can be incorporated in kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, accent pieces, and more typically one particular area of the space that you wish to solely highlight.

Sky Blue Onyx – This luminous stone is truly one of a kind. Onyx has the unique quality of trapping light within itself and when paired with the brilliance of blue, it is simply a sight to marvel. Spaces decked with sky blue onyx become the centre of attention almost immediately. The stone also has a positive effect on the vibe of any space. It brings a sense of energy, beauty, and calm to those residing.

Mango Onyx – One of the best things about Onyx is that they trap & reflect light which gives it an almost magical luminosity. Pair that with the bold veining and spectacular shade of Mango Onyx, and you have a stone that will completely change the look of your home. Mango Onyx is a popular choice in India for pooja rooms, decorative corners, sinks and even slabs.

Green Onyx – If you want to give a high-end look to your home decor, then you should definitely choose Onyx stones. Green Onyx is a beautiful creation that stands close to nature because of its distinctive patterns and the shades of green that is available in. This stone stands out because of its translucent nature i.e. the stone that transmits light when lighted from behind.

Crystal White Onyx – This aesthetic combination of shades of grey along with white color makes it look shiny & gives a rich appearance. It adds an antique & vintage look to your space. Can be used for indoor applications that includes countertops & backsplashes. For outdoor applications, Crystal White Onyx can be used in climates where freezing does not occur.

Onyx stones work quite well for both interior and exterior flooring applications with myriad hues and textures. For instance, high-end restaurants and resorts incorporate onyx tops to bring brilliance into space, an effect when the stone is backlit. With these stones, you can create an unparalleled appeal to any space.  They can be used in many places like industrial offices, schools, hotels, farmhouses, flooring in houses, corporate offices, weekend homes, staircases, and skating on sidewalls for it has an innate ability to beautify the surroundings.

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