Turkish Beige Imported Stones

Beige is a colour that is super versatile, neutral, visually pleasing and creates a natural breezy vibe in your home space because of its earthy tones. This colour of luxury is that trusty friend that can never go wrong. When we add the colour beige to our space, the hint of richness and luxuriousness instantly pops up. Most of the time, it is incorporated in office environments that are associated with dependability and productivity. When dressed up with additional tints, it further creates a pop and turns the space brilliantly aesthetic. Beige comes in the form of tan, cream, off-white, and sand.

Sugar Beige: Sugar Beige Imported Marble with its acute minimal design of the layers are beautifully created in a way that the interior and the exterior can draw anyone’s attention easily. Sugar Beige Imported Marble is a treasured natural stone dating back to ancient times, is a stunning white and beige marble highlighted by subtle light gold veins. Sugar Beige Imported Marble can be used for flooring, backsplashes, bathrooms, or fireplaces.

Antique Beige: The Antique Beige Imported Marble is a rare shade that adds to the sophistication and elegance of any room. A great choice for lobbies, elevators, bathrooms, and rooms.  Its wonderful appearance, superior strength, ease of use, and low maintenance make it a natural choice for wall coverings, cladding, bathroom walls, vanity tops, tub decks, and showers.

Myra Beige: Myra Beige Imported Marble is a sober, sparkling dessert to adorn the spanning floors of your home. It is a warm light creamy beige fossilised sedimentary rock. Myra Beige is usually used for Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, and other design projects.

Melissa Beige: An exquisite and classy trend to look forward to is the usage of natural stones in furniture of the home space. This includes tables, seating, bookshelves, lampstands, and more case goods that give an aesthetic appeal to your space. What better than Melissa Beige Imported Marble to incorporate classy home decor that does not change the dynamics of the tones but adds to the overall aesthetics of the space.

Laruka Beige: cool beige natural stone can work quite well with tan, grey, white and light brown. As a colour that is super subdued, it will give an illusion of a sleek, cosy, and natural tone to your bathroom. Because of its neutral attribute, one can easily play with its tones to add a little dramatic effect and make it look a little more luxurious like you instantly stepped into a five-star hotel.

If you still have questions on this style of marble home decor using the colour beige, please feel free to get in touch with us. We provide expert marble consultation at zero charges. Head to milleniumconsults.com to know more about our expertise in the field of imported natural stones and read testimonies of many happy clients.

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