The beauty of red imported stones

With a striking mix of intense and ethereal shades, red imported marble makes a bold statement. It is the color that symbolizes passion & energy. It grabs attention in a subtle and elegant manner which makes it one of the perfect choices for residence and workspaces. This dark color maintains the vital energy of any space. However, it’s important to partner your red imported stone in a room that gets the perfect sunlight & lighting, or your space might end up looking dark.

While we awe at the sweeping swirls, dramatic effect, and classic beauty of the red marble, there are a gazillion shades of red to choose from. Create a lively atmosphere at home with beautiful imported marbles & natural stones that carry a hint of red. Our special curated list of red imported stones here will help you pick the best one that suits your choice. Let us help you choose the shade that resonates with you the most:

Sunset Marble: This beautiful red imported stone is a classic in the world of decoration. Thanks to its multiple finishes and the diverse personalities it can adopt, it has become indispensable in all kinds of interiors, giving it a unique quality, one of the main reasons for having become the favourite red marble of interior designers and architects.

French Red: This French Red imported marble is one of its kind that has an exquisite appeal with the hues of different shades of red. The veins that run through the entire composition bring that eternal classic appeal with an extra glossy finish. The subtle blend of colors with textured rich veins is what makes it an absolute classic shade of red. Ultimately, it makes for a perfect aesthetic for living and workspaces.


Red Alicante: Red Imported marble is spoken of and appreciated very much, it is bought and sold and much sought after. Not many are aware of red marble however. It hides away dust and is a sign of sophisticated luxury in both residential and commercial design. Red marble isn’t the first choice for patrons at Millenium Marbles, but when bought is space-altering and impactful. From hotel foyers to even terrace decks, red marble lights up the space to give a snazzy, electrifying feel.


Red Travertine: This spectacular stone from Turkey is great to be used as a highlight stone to create a focus point at your home or office. It’s consistent rich red color is present throughout the slab. The stones are prominently used for façade, walkways, driveways, pool steps, outside stairs, outdoor fireplace, pool decks and bathroom.

Application of red imported marbles

From an aesthetic point of view, these inimitable shades of red marble make any space look super luxurious and bring about a stunning beautiful appeal. What we love the most about these red imported marbles is that they come with so much versatility. 

To begin with, we know marbles are known for their durability. Keeping this in mind, these shades make a perfect candidate for high-quality countertops. Adding a little drama to a certain area of the room makes quite a statement. Going for accent walls or a foyer with these shades of red are an excellent way to give a rich appeal to the home space. 

While there is no hard and fast rule for the use of red imported marble, it is good to bear in mind the below points.

  • Go all out with red marble or complement with a lighter color. Whatever you do, plan it in advance rather than making an impulsive design decision
  • Red imported marble has many different shades and textures, figure what works best for your home before purchasing.
  • Use red marble to accentuate an area of the room; a wall/ fireplace or foyer area
  • Buy marble in 18-20mm thickness and preferably as tiles to use them throughout the home design

If you have more questions about which one to choose for your space, feel free to get in touch with our experts, they will help you in making the right decision.  Get in touch with us via our social media handles, our digital team will help you solve your queries at the earliest possible or you can also feel free to drop us an email at

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