An Exclusive Conversation With The Management Team Of Millenium Marbles

Kindly brief us about the company, its specialization, and the services that your company offers.

Our journey began in 1992 in Bangalore with an Indian Granite manufacturing plant. As the government policies opportunities arose we began trading of Imported Stones in the year 1998.  After gaining experience we established our manufacturing operations in the year 2000 through our Silvassa factory. We provide quality material at the most reasonable price. Our relationships with our suppliers world over ensures premium block availability and quality. We are the only company which has manufacturing plants in all the 3 major markets in India- Silvassa, Shoolagiri and Kishangarh. We are one of the biggest natural stone importers in India with more than 300 varieties of stones. Our  imports are from more than 15+ countries. Our monthly manufacturing capacity is 10 lakh sq.ft of Imported Stones per month. 

Tell us how your company is contributing to the imported marble industry and how the company is benefiting its customer base.

Throughout the 22 years of our presence in this business segment, we have learnt a lot. We have strategically gathered inputs from our various clientele about their needs. We have understood quite well about their colour choices, pricing points and what material suits them. We understand their wants, desires, budget and consciously make an effort to help them select what they will appreciate for a lifetime.

The quality of the Imported stones we provide to the customers – which range from homeowners to builders; makes them want to come back again to us with their future requirements. We have a repeat customer base of over 80% which speaks great volumes of the trust our clients place in us. 

We also spend a lot of time in research to educate the customers on what stones they can buy, how they can maintain them and how they can get the best results out of it. We do all of this through our social media marketing and emailers.

Please brief us about the products you provide to your customers and how they get value out of them.

Every stone we import has gone through various testing parameters- such as, porosity, strength, hardness, etc. We carefully select our stones and ensure that it will add value to our clients’ spaces.  We primarily deal with 4 products – Imported Marbles, Onyx, Travertine, and Granite. The value we provide is we help breathe life into their spaces; when they choose the various Imported Stones from us. Clients take the time and effort to visit us and we respect that. Their inputs are not taken for granted and we never try to upsell them. We are proud to say that being 22 years in the Imported stones manufacturing business, we know our products well. We can also suggest the upcoming trends and suggest them on the right path if they have missed or overlooked something.

How do you cope-up with the trends in the market?

There is a constant demand for natural stones. We have perfectly mastered the art of comprehending what each part of India needs. Base stones choices such as Beige, Black, and Brown colours are constant pan-India. However, certain stone choices do well only in a particular region. There are a lot of Imported marbles which are available in every part of India, while some stones are exclusive and available with only a selected manufacturers and top dealers. The trend for Imports was started in India by our company and a few others. We introduced the beauty of Imported Stones in India by bringing in stones primarily during our inception from Italy and Turkey in the year 2000.

As the world progressed so did the choices. The avenues for International suppliers to showcase their products in India multiplied. The internet also helped educate the discerning customers in India about the different countries and the availability of the stones world over. Keeping this in mind, we started to experiment with various imported stones.  Today we Import from Turkey, Italy, Spain, Canada, Angola, Afghanistan, China, Norway, Brazil, Vietnam, Arab Emirates, France,  Indonesia, Portugal, and Tunisia.

What are some of the challenges faced by the industry today?

  • Increase in Imported stone prices.
  • Container shortage
  • Workers shortage at ports
  • Increase in container wait time at international port and domestic ports
  • Increase in clearance and other charges, which eventually add up
  • Astronomical rates for container freights, which seem to be increasing day by day. 
  • Covid still lingers in people’s minds. 
  • Some have opted for other flooring and wall alternatives
  • Client’s always demand a lower price. 

However, Millenium Marbles has always stood strong and has given a tough competition to the existing players in the market by strongly believing in our values & constant research work that helps us be prepared to face upcoming challenges in our industry. 

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