Pros & Cons Of Imported Marble Kitchen Countertops

Kitchens in India undergo heavy cooking because of which home makers are in constant search of right, sturdy, long-lasting materials. Marbles, granite, quartz, travertine, etc. – we have a wide variety of natural options to pick from and each one has its own pros and cons. Today, let’s talk about imported marbles as your kitchen countertop material and explore the perks & disadvantages associated with choosing it.

Imported Marbles are Heat Resistant: Kitchens are for cooking, and cooking can easily turn the temperature up! In situations like these, marble countertops and home features can be essential for preserving the longevity of your home. While less strong materials can be easily deteriorated by high temperatures, marble countertops prove resistant.

Imported Marbles are very soft & porous: Imported Marble is a very porous and relatively soft stone compared to other types of natural stone building materials, which means that it scratches, stains, and becomes damaged easily. The best way to make a dull marble countertop like new again is to have it professionally restored. 

Imported Marble is an art, not just a stone: Imported Marbles are the most breathtaking stone. They add durability, beauty and value to your home. Used increasingly across the world, they not only look outstanding but also have immense strength and weather every condition. 

Imported Marbles stain easily: Popular household cleaners often contain synthetic materials, including pigments and solvents, that can break down the protective seal of your imported marble and lead to stains, etches, a dulled surface, and costly damages over time. However, imported marble is softer and more sensitive than other stone finishes, and therefore can stain or etch more easily without proper maintenance.

Imported Marbles are both expensive & affordable: Many homeowners and commercial property owners think imported marbles are not a budget-conscious surface material; however, there is a wide price range. The fluctuation in price is affected by the location of the quarry, demand, availability, and actual slab choice and thickness. While all marble is formed the same way – they are not all equal in quality and beauty, which will determine the price.

Should you install an imported marble countertop in the kitchen or not?

When it comes to decision making, imported marbles are a top notch quality material that can be utilized in any home improvement project to get a transitional or contemporary feeling. There are many reasons why imported marble slabs continue to be a popular choice for homeowners throughout the world. This is especially true now that imported marble prices have leveled out so that people of all demographics can purchase it. 

The natural beauty of imported marbles is surpassed. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Being a natural stone, it is not invincible. You need to keep the surface clean and dry always. The durability of the imported stone is great and cannot be ignored. If you’re on the prowl for a kitchen design that’s luxury, then you want to consider adding marble materials into the mix. You can implement imported marble into your kitchen in several ways. For one, you can install it as a kitchen countertop, but you can also use it for your backsplash, floors, wall trim and so on.

Get creative with this natural stone and enjoy the lavish appearance it will give to your kitchen setting.

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