Tips to transform your outdoor space using imported marbles

A vibrant outdoor space is what we need to bring a fresh perspective to our homes. Since imported marble is a versatile material and is the first choice for so many of us. Given the huge variety of colors, shapes, and designs, marble brings with itself countless ways to decorate a space to give the perfect finish. Here are some amazing ideas to decorate your outdoor space with imported marbles.

Carpet Flooring: Marble is a popular go-to material when it comes to bringing in a sense of opulence to a space. In a backyard, an intricate inlay pattern can be designed on the imported marble as a carpet. Take a look at the reflections created on the mirrored cabinets – it’s a great way to enhance the inlay’s effect.

Marble Pool: Everyone likes a pool – if not to swim, then at least to dip their feet in calm water and have a nice drink. You can design your whole pool area with imported marbles to match with the tone of your interiors. Choose a dark imported marble to set a striking tone and add pool-side furniture in contrast to the area and you have a striking marble pool to your suiting.

Combine wood & marble: Where imported marble brings a polished shine to a space, wood dials it down and roots it. The combination of both is fascinating. Mix and match the imported marble with wood for your floors. The warm strips of wood and the contrasting cold marble give a whole new depth to a space.

Outdoor Fireplace: An outdoor fireplace is a terrific idea to make your backyard a great place for gatherings on chilly days. As imported marbles are known for its durability and strength, it is a dense stone that can withstand extremely high temperatures. Not only this, it also gives the fireplace an aesthetic and edgy look. A combination of cool marble tiles paired with solid-coloured furniture will definitely turn people’s heads around. 

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