How Marbles Create Positive Environment At Home

Marble is today considered as an amazing material and has become a popular sustainable option among homeowners. In today’s scenario, people like to adopt an eco-friendly approach as an alternative to everything that they want to be a part of their home. Various architects, interior designers, builders, etc. have observed that people who choose marbles considering their favorite colors get happiness, pleasure & a vastu friendly atmosphere in their home.

Marbles are always considered environment friendly since it is a natural stone, which benefits and creates a positive environment in various ways. As marble itself comes in the natural form it doesn’t require any power or energy to be produced & it can also be recycled and reused always.

Marbles elevate the mood

The ancient Chinese system of art and science, Feng Shui explains, the five elements (the composition of the universe)- water, metal, earth, fire and wood affect the energies present in a room. Hence, keeping them in balance elevates human moods.

The motivation behind why the vast majority have developed to like marble is that it gives layers of elegance and aesthetic feeling. 

Marbles produce a sense of connection: 

Since many of us spend more time at home, we feel a bit disconnected from the rest of the world & prefer staying in our own little space. The natural stone floorings, kitchen countertops & wall claddings at home help build an emotional bridge with the outside world. Imagine yourself stepping in home after a long tiring day, the comfort you get at your own home is because of the marbles that add to the sense of peacefulness which fight with your stress hormones. 

Marbles cut out the toxins:

We come across a lot of artificial materials in our day to day life like concrete, plastics, and many more that are toxic in nature. But for your home you can select natural stones. For example, natural stone kitchen countertops do not require the chemical laden manufacturing process. You can take care of it by using clean water & soap unlike other materials that require harsh chemical treatments & maintenance. 

Different marble colors help in emotional therapy:

Choosing marble colors for interiors is an exciting and creative task. You can either choose a color that you love or the one that matches your décor and works well for your space. But know that, color psychology is a powerful interior design tool that helps you take into consideration how you feel, think and act with a given color.  

For example:
Blue Onyx – The color of energy and vibrancy fosters productivity and liveliness into any space.
Beige Travertine – Often used as neutrals in design and fashion, the brown in  Beige Travertine brings out a solid earthy feel that caters to providing warmth and clarity.
Pink Onyx – the Pink Onyx will evoke feelings of love and kindness in your mind. It represents compassion and the art of nurturing.


Marble provides great benefits to the environment and not only that, but is also safe and efficient to use for your home. Therefore, the next time you think of building a house, changing any interior part of your home, or replacing something in your home, consider using marble to help conserve the environment.

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