4 things to consider before purchasing marble

Hello readers! Are you looking forward to redecorating your space & are confused which marble would be the best for you? Living in a luxurious abode is what we all desire and here we are to help you choose the best stone for your space.

Understand the natural qualities of marble – Nothing is considered to be stronger than rocks. Marbles are unique natural stones that have been used since the ancient period. These stones last long and provide an elegant look in whichever space they are being used to redesign. Choose marbles that are waterproof & heat resistant. Know that marbles are porous and can get scratches & stains easily. However, little scratches can be cleaned out but bigger ones can’t be fixed.

Try to keep the imported stone protected from spills, acidic liquids, stains & sharp objects. Do not place hot pans or utensils on the marble countertops directly. You can also avail professional maintenance & cleaning services once in a while to ensure the everlasting beauty of these stones.


Calculate the size of your area/space – Make sure you measure the area of wall cladding, flooring or countertop that you are willing to redesign using marble. Keep in mind that not all stones are suitable for every type of application. Not only the application area, but also the nearby area needs to be considered as the marble cutting & installation requires proper & precise measurements.

Do not make any mistake of purchasing marbles by just being satisfied with the beauty of it. Consult your architect or interior designer if required in order to purchase the right stone for your space.


Select the right finish & color – Imported natural stones are available in a variety of colors and finishes. They are either available as polished or brushed or flamed. Polished stones have a glossy look hence can be used for floor tiling, walls, kitchen countertops & furniture. Honed stones can be used for floors, stairs & thresholds as they reflect less lighting. Flamed stones provide a rigid texture.

And the color of the marble you select needs to be according to your interior. They are available in white, beige, gold, green, red, pink and in a varied range of both light & dark shades. Designers recommend using the color shades that resemble or are on similar lines with the color of the walls & floors.


Take your budget into consideration – Before you make any purchasing decision for imported stones, take into consideration your budget. The cost of the marble & the processing price varies from one place to another. It is always wise to visit various vendors and have a sound knowledge about the ongoing market prices or else you can consult your architect or interior designer.

Factors that affect your budget include the type of marble being selected, the size, pattern or design, shipping, sealing and fitting charges. Marbles are available in all price ranges starting from being pocket friendly to luxurious.

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