4 ways to style your space without a big budget

Old castles, great estates, historical sculptures – all of them justify the statement “Marbles are the epitome of luxury.” Given the attributes of marbles i.e. durability, hygiene, cost-effectiveness, colors & patterns to choose from – they still remain a popular choice for every space today.

Here are 4 quick ways to style your space in a budget friendly way.

Focus on Marble Furniture – When paired with the right type of stones & chosen properly, marble makes an excellent material for furniture. The strong & sturdy feature of marble will make it last a longtime. For example, replace your wooden table in the kitchen with a marble one or add a little bit of aesthetic elegance to your dining room with a marble coffee table. 

Make sure your furniture fits your space properly in terms of measurements. Also, it isn’t necessary to stick to neutral tones of furniture pieces. You can even try a colored marble piece, it might help you get the extra much needed pop of color to your space.

Use Natural Elements for Decor – Add a sculptural element to your living room by placing a plant. They are available at fairly affordable prices with low-maintenance costs. Try to place a plant potted in a marble vase on your table or near your window space to bring extra life & purity to your space. 

By doing this, you give your space a fresh affordable look along with spreading greenery. But if your room lacks natural light, then you can try realistic looking faux plants if you aren’t pretty sure about taking care of your new friend without lack of natural light.

Make marbles a part of your walls/floors – By covering both your walls & floors with marbles, your space might look classy. However, if given a budget friendly interior idea, you can choose either one of the two. No matter which option you choose, there’s always a variety of ways to execute the design. 

Think of adding marble to the countertop in your kitchen or use marble for flooring in a master bathroom to give a luxury feel. Marbles are used to create a warm & cosy family style dining room.

Use Marble Accessories – When looking for accessories to decorate your space, consider adding one or two marble pieces. A pair of marble glass stands or serving trays like shown below would be a nice fancy thing to add to your kitchen collection.

You can also focus on adding a pair of marble lamps or a candle holder or a soap stand to your bathroom. Even a marble candle holder or a soap set can also add beauty to your space.

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