Imported Beautiful Stones to deck up your space.

Millennium Marbles brings to you imported beautiful & elegant stones to deck up your spaces. Given the huge variety of colors, shapes & designs, marbles give a buyer countless ways to decorate a space to give the perfect finish. Here are some amazing stones from Millenium Marbles to decorate your space:

Green Onyx Stone – Best of Mother Earth.

If you want to give a high-end look to your home decor, then you should definitely choose Onyx stones. Green Onyx is a beautiful creation that stands close to nature because of its distinctive patterns and the shades of green that is available in. Can be used in numerous ways on various vertical & horizontal surfaces in the form of countertops, floors, backsplashes, etc. This stone stands out because of its translucent nature i.e. the stone that transmits light when lighted from behind. 


Golden Portoro – The Finest & Superior Amongst All.

Golden Portoro, a premium quality of Italian marble – This intense & bright black color stone has a brown texture on it with brown veins running throughout the slab. The earthy look, hardness & durability, perfect color combination & the lustrous shine makes this natural stone a perfect material for your space. Can be used for flooring, cladding, swimming pool areas, fireplace walls, bathroom walls & floors and so on. 

Crystal White Onyx – Unique & Desirable 

This aesthetic combination of shades of grey along with white color makes it look shiny & gives a rich appearance. It adds an antique & vintage look to your space. Can be used for indoor applications that includes countertops & backsplashes. For outdoor applications, Crystal White Onyx can be used in climates where freezing does not occur

Versace Blue – Give Your Space A Pure Tint Of Luxury  

A luxurious Italian marble that comes with a unique yet beautiful background that features a splash of golden veins & light blue with white. Versace Blue can be used in places where luxury plays an essential part. This beautiful stone is good for countertops, monuments, mosaic, flooring, stairs, window sills & other design projects.

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