Explore The World of Travertine – Origin, Use & Design

Travertine, a sedimentary limestone is formed when hot springs water seeps through carbonate minerals. Its natural color is white but travertine is also found in tan, creamy or rusty varieties. This stone dates back to the earliest centuries, for it was used in stone masonry dating in the First Dynasty of Egypt in 3200 BC. The largest deposits of travertine in the world are found near Tivoli, Italy. Travertine translates to the original name of Tivoli, Tibur, and means ‘Tibur stone.’ Over the centuries, the name evolved to travertine. The Tivoli area remains one of the world’s largest suppliers of travertine to this day. 

Travertine has been popular and widely-used for ages. The largest known building made entirely of travertine is the Colosseum in Rome, completed in 80 AD by Imperator Vespasiano to honor the grandiosity of the Roman Empire. Another classic example is of the Etruscans who used travertine to build a wall around the town of Perugia in the third century BC, and later for tombs, church construction, and the town aqueduct. Today, travertine is still used as a building material just that the methods have slightly changed. 

It is a great choice for floors, walls, pool decks, and courtyards. The options are endless. All you need is to use and design in your own way. It is safe to say that the natural beauty of this stone is timeless and continues to mesmerize people to adorn their space and make it even more elegant and beautiful.

Getting started with designing your space, travertine is one such natural stone that you must keep in your mind. The early natural hues of beige, grey, or white add that rustic charm to your space. The natural finish it provides to your area is worth noticing but the surface finishes are not limited to filled or polished but also honed, brushed, chiseled, and brush hammered. Use it for a garden path, countertops, patios, backyard flooring, or your living room area to make the space stand out.

To add more to the legitimacy of the use of Travertine, with its natural elegant look comes other factors that make it a top choice. It is so durable that your travertine tiles, flooring, or countertops will last you for decades. Due to this, it works out in a much affordable bracket with its stunning beauty and durability. It is time for you to get going on decorating your space with Travertine as one of your favorite picks.

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