Five Ways to Design Your Space With Onyx Stones

Are you someone who is looking for ideas to design your home space? Not only design it better but to make it look luxurious and exquisite? Choosing the right stone to make a space look just right can be very confusing. With the multitude of options available, we really have to know what marbles or stone will bring out the best in our homes.

One such stone that should definitely be on your list is the Onyx stone. Often called the ‘new marble’, it is the ultimate home design selection. Onyx is actually a type of marble; its rich pattern and translucency make the Onyx very exotic as it infuses a high-end look to your space. Onyx marble is a beautiful fine-grained stone with distinctive patterns and comes in shades like jade, green, light pink, and warm tan that work well with today’s trending pop colours. 

  Here are some amazing ideas to work with Onyx stones in India and give a spectacular look to the different spaces at your place.

  • Unlike marble, Onyx stones are more translucent which makes the fine pattern with rich veins beautifully visible. This feature is why Onyx tiles can be illuminated with a light source in the form of LED strip lights to give an edge to your space – like staircases or kitchen counters or on one of the entrance walls of your living room.
  • Since Onyx stones come in warm tones as well, you can create the perfect space by pairing it with furniture of dusty pastels and earthy tones. The monochromatic look you achieve with such tones would make the entire space look phenomenal. 
  • It can be used in numerous ways on vertical and horizontal surfaces in the form of countertops, floors, backsplashes. In fact, onyx marble flooring is slowly becoming a popular choice amongst many. It can also be used to create sinks, lamps and sculptures. Onyx is available in the form of tiles, mosaics, and slabs.

  • Everyone who wants a one of a kind, exquisite look in their space must definitely opt for the gold Onyx. It can be used in specific locations in your new home to highlight an area and bring out nuances of light and shade to your space.
  • A variety of the same stone such as the green Onyx stones can give a classy yet simple look to places like your washroom, sink slabs, or just another room that you’d like to turn into an office. This stone’s best feature has to be its high-end look that adds a luxury to any space it occupies. The rich patterns make one piece unique from the other.

Now that you know all about this unique marble, check out onyx stone prices in India and start planning right away. We have a beautiful collection of this piece right at your service. Unearth luxury like never before with Millenium Marbles.

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