Unravel the Mysteries of Exotic Stones: Wakanda Mystery & Sunset Marble

Natural stones are known for their durability. One need not worry about their flooring or any other space for years if there is marble set on it. While many of us understand the strength of marbles, we barely understand the versatility and beauty that marbles can offer.

The earth is such an artist that no marble it produces is exactly the same as another. There is no end to how creatively beautiful natural stones can be. While there are many varieties of marbles available around the globe, we hardly make an effort to know these varieties. Each of them have their unique qualities which help set the right vibe to a space.

One such marble is the Wakanda Mystery. Just like its name, the marble is truly vivacious.

Wakanda Mystery Marbles – Exotic Stone from Angola.

This exquisite marble is found in the southern part of Angola. It is a very hard African marble with quartz-like characteristics. Named after the mythical land of Wakanda, this marble texture has veins running through it which resemble a mythical bolt of lightning running across the stone. It primarily comes in the two colours of white and gray.

The quality of this marble makes it suitable for any space of your choice, especially the ones that may be a centre point in the room.The Wakanda Mystery has a distinct eloquence to itself due to the streaks of yellow that flow through it. Its quality allows any processing and high temperature resistance. 

In contrast to the white & yellow of this piece, stands the sombre beauty of the Sunset marble. Coming from Turkey, this piece stands apart with its earthy look & feel. It provides a sense of calm and cool to the space it occupies.

The strength & beauty of Sunset Turkish marble.

Turkish white marbles have a speciality to themselves. As the country is located on the Alpide Belt, some of the richest marble deposits in the world reside there. It’s exotic nature gives it a posh look & feel. It can be set both in outer & interior spaces. As suggested in its name, this marble brings along the peace of a beautiful sunset.

The Sunset marble comes in the primary red colour with big patches of gray, brown & varying shades on a similar palette. Due to its dark colour, this Turkish marbling becomes a perfect fit for floors, sinks and spaces which go through continuous wear & tear. Its unique colour calls for experimentation, all with a guarantee of Turkish marble quality.

These two exquisite varieties of marbles will definitely deck up a space. With the right design, planning & maintenance, experience luxury like never before with Millenium Marbles.

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