All About Natural Stone

Natural stone is one of the most commonly used building materials, not just today but since time immemorial. History is replete with examples of monuments and structures built using natural stone and marble.

Even today, entire buildings and homes are made with stone. The construction industry looks to this in many ways for the various advantages of the material. The natural availability of the stone, our ability to adapt to it and its flexibility make it a good choice for construction.

So what are the qualities of natural stone like marble?

UNIQUENESS OF MATERIAL – Nature provides uniqueness to stones. Its shape, texture, quality, color are all pre-defined and lend natural beauty to a building. In contrast to a machine-made material, no two marble slabs are the same and that is the differentiator.

                                                  MARBLE STONE

VERSATILITY – Natural stonework isn’t just restricted to marble but comprises other materials as well. There is granite, slate, limestone, sandstone that can be used for very different purposes. Slate may be great for floors but not walls. Marble is sturdy while sandstone has its own features. Natural stone can be used in as diverse places as; floor tiling, staircases, cladding, worktops etc. Natural stones can also be used indoors and outdoors.


DURABILITY – The most crucial aspect of natural stone is its durability. It can last for years and decades with very little damage. This over time significantly reduces maintainence costs.


THERMAL & NOISE INSULATION – The thickness of natural stone make it a good insulator against temperature and acoustics and therefore, no additional material is required to be installed in a home. Marble and natural stones adjusts temperature of interiors thereby keeping inside warm when outside is cold and vice versa. This feature is known as thermal inertia and is unique to natural stone. Natural stone also provides excellent noise cancellation.


FIREPROOFING – A lesser known quality of natural stone is its ability to resist heat and fire. It sits perfectly in kitchens as splashbacks and floor tiling, and doesn’t crack and break from heat.

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