The Subtle Magic Of Black Marble

Many of us have grown up in old homes, spacious, large and airy. They had high ceilings, large doorways and stretched into innumerable rooms. Old homes also had good solid flooring which were functional, natural and aesthetic in look. While granite was a popular stone, marble was another material found almost everywhere. The uniqueness of the flooring of the time was the contrast in colors. Black and white recurred everywhere, from courtyards, living rooms to terraces and bathrooms. There was granite and terracotta and there was also marble. White marble is spoken of and appreciated very much, it is bought and sold and much sought after. Not many are aware of black marble however. It resembles granite, is stark, hides away dust and is a sign of sophisticated luxury in both residential and commercial design. Black marble isn’t he first choice for patrons at Millenium Marbles, but when bought is space-altering and impactful. From hotel foyers to even terrace decks, black marble lights up the space to give a snazzy, electrifying feel.


When doing up a home, white marble is always the first choice. It’s look and feel are known, the stone already known to a good choice for interiors. The reasons for the lack of knowledge about black marble are;

  • The color black is often sought in granite, and not many are aware or open to the color choice of black marble.
  • The stone may seem forbidding or even overwhelming. This is often picked up from visuals in magazines or large spaces like hotels. In truth black marble is understated, and needs deeper insights when it has to be paired with the look and feel of a home. It works in any kind of space.
  • Black marble dwarfs other decor elements is often a misconception. One of our buyer’s most ill concieved notions is that black overpowers a room. This is not infact true since pairing the stone with other decor elements makes everything come together perfectly.
  • Black isn’t a singular color when it comes to marble. There are different shades of the color spectrum; from dark brown, to grey with even speckles of gold in marble stone.


Black marble is quarried in abundance across the world, including UK, China, Turkey and Iran. It is a simple, black color iteration of marble. There’s the Marquina Black which is black calcite marble, intensely black with fossil white veins. Portoro is also black marble with dynamic gold veins which gives it a rich visual texture. It is also considered the most expensive marble in the world. Black Mirage, Black Dune and Saint Laurent varieties are others, differentiated by their light grey color and veins.


While there is no hard and fast rule for the use of black marble, it is good to bear in mind the below points.

  • Go all out with black marble or complement with a lighter color. Whatever you do, plan it in advance rather than making an impulsive design decision
  • Black marble has many different shades and textures, figure what works best for your home before purchasing.
  • Use black marble to accentuate an area of the room; a wall/ fireplace or foyer area
  • Buy marble in 18-20mm thickness and preferably as tiles to use them throughout the home design

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