What’s Stopping You From Buying Marble For Your Home?

You’ve seen marble, you’ve marveled at how it looks and feels – soft, cool to touch, pristine. You’ve been in awe of how it transforms spaces, from an everyday look to something sophisticated and luxurious. That is the quality of this stone and its wholly natural feel. Yet oftentimes you’ve wondered whether your pad can carry off this kind of look. You’ve had questions running through your head – Can marble fit into small homes, can it be complemented by wood, will it overwhelm my small living space, what if it doesn’t match the ambiance I’m trying to recreate. The most common doubt that often comes to mind; will installing marble cost me more than I can afford?

The natural visual texture and feel of marble may seem foreboding and it is natural to be hesitant about using this stone. But that’s where the myth lies. Because marble unlike other materials is a stone that’s most affordable, accessible, easy on the eye and versatile.

If you’ve constantly been under the assumption that marble is beyond your reach, now’s the time to address it and remove this misconception. It’s one stone that is good for health, good for the pocket, and good for you. Below are a few reasons why.

STONE IS NATURAL – Marble was one of the world’s first natural stones used in building homes and abodes. It was found that its strength lasted for years, being surrounded by it was good for the mind and body. It was found in abundance at that time, and most importantly its natural origins allowed it to be shaped, carved and hewn into busts and statues, house columns and even indoor seating effortlessly.

GREAT FOR HEALTH – It is not for nothing that nature healers suggest ‘grounding’ for good health. The practice of walking on the ground with bare feet brings about good health, calmness and it is said, takes us back to how humans walked around barefeet centuries ago. Marble sourced from nature has the very same properties and is scientifically proven to induce calm, and is good for grounding.

AFFORDABLY PRICED – You might think this is an oxymoron, but marble is one stone that can be as affordable or as expensive as you like depending on what you choose. Two factors to be considered here, are the type of stone, and weighing its worth against other materials. Buying marble may seem pricely, but this is offset by how it elevates a room, what stone you go with and how large is the stone.

  • Carrara marble is very affordable while a yellow onyx can be expensive. The price of marble beings at Rs.180 per sqft and goes higher, so there’s a lot to choose from depending on color, thickness, finishes, edging and country it is purchased from. The same Carrara mined in Italy is also mined from China and other countries, thereby making the same stone priced differently. You can buy one stone or combine with other varieties and colors for different sections of your home.
  • Marble slabs with less veining like Thassos White Marble are rare and therefore costly.
  • Similarly stones with fewer flaws/ fissures/ pits are costlier.
  • Another factor to consider in affordability is the thickness. Marble thickness goes upto 20mm, but an 18mm also works. Thicker the marble, more expensive it is when considering the overall size requirements.
  • Edgings of marble do matter. Straight edges are contemporary and affordable, but anything carved or fussy will ensure you pay more.
  • Glossy finishes on marble are very common and cost less. But honed, brushed or leathered finishes need intensive labour and increase costs.

Buying marble is a purchase of perception. It can be as costly or expensive as you like, provided it is chosen with care, considering all kinds of factors and working around your budget. Its a decision that you will never regret once done, helping you move from traditional granite or tiles.

For more information or hand-holding you may need for marble, do contact us at Millenium Marbles.

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