Marble 101 – Color & Thickness

Marble is a carefully purchased material. It takes quite sometime for the homeowner to decide to go with this material, often at the suggestion of an architect or home designer. The choice of stone is dependent on the home, its space and look, the settings and elements that come together. Marble can seem overwhelming at times, and therefore carefully chosen pieces bring in visual texture and balance the design of the home.

But how does one go about deciding what marble to buy, and what does a stone need to have?

Marble buying depends on certain factors, and in order of importance they are listed below;

COLOR OF MARBLE – Color is one of the primary factors in the choice of marble. We all know the popularity of white marble, often for flooring and walls but other colors of beige, brown, grey and black are equally popular. As homeowners our choices may often depend on visual appeal, but look beyond that to see for veining variations and subtle color changes in bright light and darkness. When buying from us at Millenium, you will get to choose the particular kind of marble you want and have the same installed on your wall or countertop.

MARBLE THICKNESS – Thicker marble and granite slabs have always been considered popular. But its a myth that durability only depends on the thickness alone. Other factors like usage, and wear and tear also play an important part. Marble slabs are available in different thicknesses of 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20mm. When choosing marble thickness it is important to consider where the marble be placed, how much will it be used, will the area be high traffic or low traffic and whether staining/grime will be a constant problem. 16mm and 18mm are the two cost-effective marble options sold by Millenium. We often suggest them to patrons, especially those who aren’t sure where they will be used. Wall claddings work well with minimally thick marble.

It must also be said here that very thick marbles are also costlier and work well with smaller areas like kitchen islands. If the home design is minimally themed or modernistic, with the stone taking centre place then thicker marble it is depending on aesthetics. Darker colors are also more available in the thicker variety as compared to lighter hues.

Whatever your decision may be, it all comes down to how durable it is and how the marble elevates your home. For this crucial decision and to ensure you make the best buy for your budget, Millenium is always available for advice and suggestions.

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