Flooring Options Including Marble For Your Home

Beautiful homes begin with beautiful floors. Research tells us that people who gauge their ambiance, first begin assessing the space from the floor walked upon. Besides obvious aesthetics, the floor also showcases steadiness, strength and is like a canvas for the interiors to come together. When it comes to home floors, while ceramic tiles and even terracotta look good, you must try marble especially for the main well-worn areas of the home. Having perfect, long-lasting flooring isn’t just about the material, but design, finishing and budget.

Marble, travertine, basalt and limestone are materials that make for great flooring. They complement all kinds of upholstery, ambiances and colors and deliver the ideal space for your family and friends. Let’s find out their attributes and why you must choose them for your home.

MARBLE – Whether white or red, tiled or slabbed, marble floor tiles have an outstanding sense of style and finesse that elevates the decor of any room. The stone’s natural hues are appealing, its softness is timeless and yet it is very durable and strong and can last for years. In the living room it calms the space and ties the decor together. Its versatility also makes it a good fit for both modern and contemporary designs.

TRAVERTINETravertine’s uniqueness lies in its natural features. It is stylish, comes in various natural hues and looks solid, sturdy, and suits kitchen, living room, and well walked spaces. Browns, golds, rust, creams are all calming travertine hues. It’s limestone origins make it perfect for modern homes together with its reasonable pricing.

LIMESTONELimestones are also great in homes, mainly as feature walls. Their yellowish gold hue is versatile and they’ve been used in buildings and structures since centuries. Limestone doesn’t stain very easily and makes for outer cladding and interior wall options.

BASALT – If you look back in history, beautifully ancient structures were built using basalt. Although not a very popular stone, basalt is used in homes as a timeless piece of decor. Its natural color achieves both a contemporary as well as the ancient look, a bohemian feel as well as minimalist. Basalt comes in stunning colors of grey and is truly global given the long journey its endured.

Flooring is a critical decision and Millenium Marbles helps you make the right choices – from what goes where, to the thickness of the stone, to the surfaces finishes, whether acid washed or hones and also how it needs to be maintained.

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