Marble 101: 3 Tips For Choosing a White Marble Kitchen Countertops


Marble is a widely used wall and floor stone in homes that value luxury and understated elegance. There’s another place in the home they’re most commonly purchased for – the kitchen. Marble countertops for kitchens make for a popular choice with homeowners. Backsplashes are also common.

“The depth and variety of marble, its color and cut gives it a natural pattern which many artificial materials just cannot echo”, says our in-house marble expert.

While white marble is the most bought option, greys and blacks too are frequently used. Marble’s natural origins make it very susceptible to changes and damage. Its density and non-porosity make it strong and durable, but the calcium and magnesium carbonate makes the stone reactive to acids and therefore stained. Acidic kitchen liquids like lemon juice or vinegar leave dark, dull stains which eat away the marble’s surface.

If cared well, marble is a good return on investment and makes for a beautiful, functional choice for kitchens. Here’s how to go about choosing the perfect slab.

  1. Buy white marble if concerned about stains – A very contradicting statement but one with a lot of merit nevertheless, white marbles are best suited for kitchen countertops. As much as acids etch marble, white marble stains are more noticeable and easier to clean. Classic white Italian marbles like Statuario and Calacatta are very good in quality and make for great kitchen countertops.
  2. Consider veining patterns when buying slabs – Different quarries cut marbles differently. Also every stone slab is different and when selecting marble slabs, make sure you do it as per the veining that will be on the countertop. Placing the stones artfully makes them look like paintings. Also longer pieces without seams are better. For seams, book-match the marble so adjacent pieces mirror each other.
  3. Transform the look with different finishes – Just like every other industry, technology hasn’t left the marble industry too far behind. Finishing stones are now done in a multitude of ways with different polishing and brushing techniques. Polished or glossy and matte or honed are the two most popular finishes. If acid etching is a worry, use matte finish which doesn’t leave visible stains.

Buying marble for your kitchen is like buying a piece of art, one that you can possess for years. The space of the home that takes the most assault – kitchen countertop should then have marble that not just looks good but is installed with care, safety and maintained for a lifetime.

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