How to Pick the Perfect Marble Slab for your Home

Photo: Brandon Barré/Courtesy of Ferris Rafauli-Grandeur Luxury Homes Inc.

Sometimes when you want to select marble for your home, you feel its’ a daunting task. Your thoughts start with this feeling of not knowing how many suppliers you will have to visit. Also, will you get your desired colour, tone, and quantity of the marble?

Marble selection is not an easy process- but when planned for it can provide you with big dividends and keep your home connected with nature for a very long time. Some eye-catching advantages of using marble in your home are : Luxury, Taste, and Goodness of Health.

Below we share some of our tips to make your marble buying process easier.

Know the Marble you want

If you know the colour of marble you want, it will make your work when walking into a marble factory in Shoolagiri on Hosur Road, Tamil Nadu a whole lot easier. Also, if you know the particular type of stone you need for eg: Dyna Marble from Italy or Alicante from Spain; it will help you immensely when browsing through the various stones with your local supplier as well. When you enter a factory and you see all these beautiful stones in various array of colours you are in awe of the beauty, but in adding to the wow factor; its also confusing and distracting.

Having a general idea of the colour, the type of stone you want, the veining you require, and whether you want the marble to do the book-matching or not, will make it worth while of your time in the factory.

Photo : Statuario Marble with Black Marquina Bathroom

Call the factory before visit

Call the factory before-hand to inquire about whether they have the colours you are looking at, the particular type you want, size of marble slabs and your quantity in Square Foot. You can also tell the contacts at the factory you plan to visit to take out the marble slabs samples before your visit- so that once you arrive you know exactly what you will be looking at.

Thickness of Marble Slabs

Why is the thickness of the marble slabs so important in India while buying? Thickness of a marble slab is important for the final application of the particular stone. The standard thickness that are available in Millenium Marbles factory in Shoolagiri are : 16 mm+ and 18mm+. You can also go for a 20 mm thickness if you know you will have a lot of visitors. The patterns, look and the feel of the marble is what matters most. The thickness is a relative choice : if you like a design of the marble in a 18mm thickness rather than a 16 mm thick marble, then the price increase between 16 to 18 mm takes a backseat. Your vision to get that look and colour as per your design is satisfied.

Photo : Bronze Armani Marble Flooring

Cracks- Yes or No.. You need to know

Marble slabs could have been mishandled or dropped and when stacked in batches the cracks are hard to find. You should see each and every slab of the particular batch of marble you want to buy. Cracks are visible from either side and no amount of filling can keep it away from you. However fissures on a marble are workable with and you can slide your nail across it without it catching.


Hope this tips help you in successfully buying the marbles slabs you need for your home. If you would like further tips you can always visit us at our Facebook or Instagram channels.


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