Stylish Marble Fireplaces For Your beautiful House

Stylish Marble Fireplaces For Your beautiful House

Marble fireplaces have been popular and one of the top design choices of architects and interior designers for many hundreds of years. This continues to this day and it is because of their quality, beauty, and durability. Not only that but marble is renowned for being a good heat reflector, insulator and is also fireproof. They are good in any internal or external setting.

If you like to spend time relaxing in front of the fire on a cold winter’s evening, then you can do no better than choose a marble fireplace for this. When you are considering a marble fireplace.



Manufacturers of marble fireplaces have many styles and variations available nowadays. There are a wide variety of colors available and they all have modern features while at the same time not losing the traditional, elegant look of years gone by. There are old styles from the Victorian and Edwardian eras but also more modern-looking designs if you so wish. When considering your choice, it may help to know a bit about the types of marble available. First of all, there is 100%   natural marble and if you choose a fireplace from this then it is cut and shaped from quarried marble slabs and then polished.


The colors available are all natural colors. A micro marble fireplace is manufactured from natural marble but then compacted with a resin. With micro marble, a greater assortment of colors is available. The conglomerate marble which is manufactured with pieces of crushed marble and comes in a wide variety of man-made colors.

There are standard shapes and sizes of marble fireplaces but you can also have one made to order in your own design. Some are machine manufactured but you can also get especially hand-made fireplaces with all the intricate and decorative designs.



Marble is expensive then it has to be accepted that you will pay more than if you are purchasing a fireplace made from other materials. As this is the case then, if you can afford it, it may be worth considering going that little bit further and designing your own and having your fireplace unique and specially crafted just for you with the hearth, mantel and frame exactly as you want them to be.

Wood-burning or coal-burning fires are more suitable for a country cottage style home while more modern designs may be suited to natural gas or even electric. a marble fireplace, you are sure to have hours of pleasure with your family and friends sitting in front of it warming yourselves while chatting or just relaxing.

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