5 Useful tips to select the right Marble Countertop Edge

With so many options to choose from, choosing a marble countertop edge that is just right for your marble countertop, can be as difficult as choosing the right marble countertop itself. You need to do some research as to what is available and their various functions so that you can then make an informed decision as well as giving yourself some creative  ideas about the style and design that you like the best.


What design looks best for you?

When choosing an edge profile for your marble countertop, you need to consider several things. Probably the most important is the actual style which, obviously, should fit in with the style of the rest of the design. Straight and quarter bevel edges give you straight lines and sharp angles and these fit in well with the more contemporary or modern designs of today. A quarter round edge can also look good, for example, on a marble vanity top in a contemporary bathroom.


What is best between traditional and decorative designs?

For more traditional designs which have more decorative features, you could use intricately designed edges such as the Cove DuPont, the Cove Ogee or the Cove Bullnose. These will fit in better in a traditional kitchen which will have elegant features such as moldings, elaborate overhangs and maybe even chandeliers. These marble countertop edge profiles have the right curves to compliment any features such as those and will look good with all traditional colors.

Consider the space factor

Another important factor to consider is how you will be utilising the space. For busy areas it is better to use rounded edges such as the Half or Full Bullnose rather than straight or angled edges. This is especially true if there are going to be children around where a straight or angled edge could possibly cause an injury.




Your personal liking

So the modern and traditional styles are certainly the most popular but at Millennium Marble, customers do not stick to just these two types of design by any means. Some people may have a modern design kitchen but use the rounded style for their marble countertop edge profiles. The opposite is, of course, also true, with traditional kitchens being fitted with straight and angled countertop edges. It is most definitely a matter of personal choice and taste and there are no hard and fast rules at all. You choose what you want, whatever the style of your décor. At Millennium Marble, it is also possible for you to design your own countertop edge profiles and have it custom-made just for you, so feel free to let your creative mind wander, because the possibilities are almost endless!


Maintenance factor

Maintenance of your marble countertop edge is another thing to take into consideration, although this is not particularly a major factor. Basically, decorative and intricate edges are more difficult to clean and keep free of dust and dirt while the more simple designs are relatively low maintenance. Again, it is probably best to keep the more decorative designs in less busy areas.


So there we have it, some things to take into consideration when choosing your marble countertop edge. We hope that this has gone some way to informing you and at least making your choices a little easier. All in all, whatever the marble countertop edge profile you select, will give your house the utmost beauty that you deserve.

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