Different shades of Marble


Marble is one of the most frequently used natural stones in construction, as well as interior design. It is especially prized for its strength, durability, workability and sophisticated appearance. The variety of colours in which marble is available, also increases its appeal, as it easily complements different environment, styles and designs.

The most popular marble is white as this is most frequently associated with the lustrous material. It is also highly prized as a sculpting medium and is in fact the material used for some of the world’s most famous sculptures, including Michelangelo’s David and Rodin’s The Kiss. Millenium Marbles imports and stocks a range of white marbles, including Australian White, Statuario and Venatino (both from Italy) and Volakas White marble from Greece. In addition, we also import white onyx.

Dark coloured marbles imported by Millenium Marbles include Black (Marquino and Portoro), Blue Pearl, Grey (Chigen, Flurry, William 285, Milano) as well as Lady Grey, Light Empredor, Savana Grey and Saint Lorent. Black marble is very popular for dramatic effect in bathrooms, hallways and also for kitchen countertops. These colours are also popular for headstones and other monuments. Craftsmen frequently play on the effect achieved by contrasting polished and unpolished stones. Black marble is also used as a popular backing for colourful marble inlays.


Brown and yellow marbles are known for their understated elegance and ability to fit in nicely with various styles and colours. Brown marbles make for very brown and yellow marbles carried by Millenium Marbles includes the choclatey Armani Brown, the smokey Irish Brown, Breccia Aurora (from Italy), the striped Tobacco Brown and also the Spanish Dark Emperador.

Marble also comes in a wide array of pleasant pink shades, which are popular in contemporary styles of architecture. This is a fun and colourful tone for marble which also works well in tandem with more traditional building materials, including brick and stone. Our selection of rose-hued marbles, include the light and dream-like Rossatia, the more dramatic Red Chigen and the white-streaked Rosso Lavante.

Beige marbles are frequently used from their extremely understated elegance and classic appeal. Beige marbles come in a wide array of shades, with varying accents from streaks, to lines and swirls. The accents also come in a range of colours, which give beige marbles the ability to easily blend into any style and colour palette. Practically, they are an interior designer’s dream – which is why they are particularly used for flooring and wall panelling. Millenium Marbles stocks a vast range of beige marbles, including Antique Beige, Bottichino (as well as Fionito and Classico), Crema Marfil, Deva Cream, Dyna and Fantasy Dyna, Crema Prefetta, Myra beige, Sarpejantee, Spanish Beige and Florentine Beige.

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