An elegant home with Marble

An Elegant Home With Marble

The very presence of a smooth, sleek and timeless marble design or functional features in a room immediately elevates the overall environment into one of elegance and luxury. If this is the kind of feel which you are going for in your home, then marble should be included on your architect’s and/or interior designer’s lists!

Regardless of your budget, living situation, space, and type of residence, you can still incorporate some marble features around your home.

We have some practical as well as creative ideas for enhancing your home environment with marble.

Kitchen Countertop

The kitchen countertop is the household feature which is frequently made from marble. This is due to the durability of the natural stone, as well as the variety of styles and colours in which it is available. A kitchen countertop made from marble is a splendid accent for a kitchen which has a timeless and classic appeal. One can opt to make the countertop blend in or stand out – depending on the visual effect being sought!

Bathroom Countertop

The bathroom is the inner sanctum of the home, where you go and refresh and relax as you wash away the stress and bustle of your day. This is also a room which needs to be able to hold water and be easy to clean, polish and sanitize. It is also a room which can impress guests and show yourself to be an elegant and refined host. From floor to wall tiles, counter-tops, mirror frames, and accessories, the bathroom can showcase marble, like no other room.


The staircase is another feature in the house in which marble can truly bask in all its glory. The stairs themselves, the balustrades, the landing as well as the statues and ornaments along the staircase can be all made of marble. The overall look of the staircase depends on the quality, quantity, and type of marble selected. However, rest assured that whether it is a modest staircase (covering a few stairs), a double-staircase or even a fully-fledged imperial staircase the use of marble can greatly enhance the overall effect.


Few things are more romantic and homely than a fireplace flickering in the dark and generously spreading its warmth around the house. Marble fireplaces allow for a range of colours, designs, and styles, as well as a varying degree of intricate detail and decoration. Fireplaces are often the heart of the home and can do much to set the tone of the living area. Marble is one of those few materials which allow for craftsmanship in design while providing a solid sturdy material that can survive and thrive in the heat.

Marble is frequently featured in the floor and wall tiling of halls, lounges, living rooms, and dining areas. Prominent marble statement columns are also often included in such rooms. Marble is a great material which gives a general feeling of splendour and elegance in a house – which is what makes it so sought after.

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