Advantages Of Using Marble At Your Home

Advantages Of Using Marble At Your Home

When the majority of people think about marble carries a design element for the house, they consider this as the height of luxury. As well as, marble continues to be used for a lot of years since Roman and Greek times, and is used these days.

Scratch Resistance

While marble is often very hard as well as vitreous, just like granite or even ceramic tile, much marble could be easily damaged and discolored. Because of its habit to blemish and damage, marble countertops in kitchen areas and bathrooms aren’t always essentially the most practical option. Not just that, marble is indeed porous and absorbent so it will absorb stains which are almost impossible to wash.

However, with proper wrapping and preservation, marble might be made to function for countertops. Often, homeowners understand this issue naturally. Marble’s appealing appearance, as well as value as a property worth generator, might outweigh the practical issues. So, marble is generally a good option for walls. But in case you’re setting it up on floors you must make sure that it is resilient enough to endure foot traffic.


Marble is limestone which has been pressed by the earth’s pressure to make a hard material of crystals and stunning lines and colors. Marble may have nearly any kind of color, from blacks to white, and with numerous fantastic colors among including green and pink.

Grout Options

If you’re installing brighter colored marble, you may wish to use grout which is of a matching shade or lighter in shade. With the easiest stone, you may not want to make use of dark or even gray shaded grout due to the fact such grout detracts from the beauty of the marble. A floor crafted from 12-inch square tiles, with the perfect shading of grout, may take on the look of an individual slab of marble rather than individual tiles provided, which is the look you might be aiming for.


Be careful before installing the marble tile. Natural stone is really a difficult medium to use, and that’s the reason there are professionals for many years that specialize precisely in it. One issue is that marble is really expensive: you actually don’t want to make any faults. But just like almost any tiling work, the actual work concerns those pieces that need to be cut. Any pieces which can be installed the whole size tend to be easy enough to use. In fact, marble surfaces are usually installed merely with silicone caulk squashed onto the substrate: easier than using the thin-set mortar. If you’re cutting your marble you will have to buy or rent a wet saw. Your regular saw isn’t going to be able to take on the task.


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