Values carved out in stone

Values carved out in stone

Luxurious stones, like marble, onyx, travertine, and granite, are routinely used in the structure and embellishment of buildings, giving them a sense of style, elegance, and status. The careful use of these opulent materials is a statement in itself and can, therefore, set a very elegant and luxurious tone to a room. Marble is frequently a strong and determining feature in the overall ambiance of an office, hotel or home.


Natural stone materials need to be chosen carefully, keeping in mind their inherent properties, malleability, as well as aesthetic qualities. Millenium Marbles provides a wide variety of high-quality stones accompanied by years of experience in the marble industry and a customer-focused philosophy. Established in 1999, Millenium Marbles is a pioneer in the importation of marble and granites from around the globe, including Italy, Turkey, Spain, Norway, Canada, China, Europe and also Africa.

Our manufacturing and processing plant in Silvassa, stone blocks are transformed into distinguished marbles and granites, so as to be shaped into timeless decorative floors and pieces for your home. Millenium Marbles has extensive experience with supplying marble to a variety of clients and for a vast array of projects, including palaces, temples, mosques, embassies, international hotel chains, and office buildings. As well as a support-service this guarantees customer satisfaction and value for money.

Millenium Marbles boasts an experienced, skilled and highly-valued team, to assist and advise our esteemed clients. We are deeply committed to providing expert and personalized support to our customers, through detailed consultations about individual properties as well as bespoke stonework dimensions, upon demand. If you’re looking for stonework solutions from a company you can trust, Millenium Marbles is the right place to look!

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