Complimenting other stones with marble

Complimenting Other Stones With Marble

You might have had a chance to visit a home, hotel or an office and admired the natural beauty, mesmerizing charisma and aesthetic appeal brought about by natural stones? Along with the marble, other natural stones are frequently used both in the residential and commercial building to bring functionality and beauty. But the trick lies in a creative way to apply all the other natural stones to compliment the marble and of course, each other.

Marble and Granite

Marble and Granite form such a blend of natural stones, which can give a uniquely defined look to any house. The particular usage of these lovely natural stones in a house can bring he desired durability and the beauty. You can combine both these stones in your bathroom and kitchen. You can use the Granite counter-tops and the marble flooring.You can also add the Marble back splashes to add extra fun in your kitchen. You can use both stones in exterior by creating different patterns.

Marble and Travertine

People are now using Counter-tops of Travertine and you can go with a marble flooring to enhance the overall beauty of the space. People are using both these natural stones extensively to create a breathtaking combination. Travertine patio and walkways can be combined with Marble tiles used as the steps or you can create patterns through the walkways. In the Exteriors, you can also create different patterns both on the walls and floors using marble and Travertine to bring a touch of beauty to your building. Both these natural stones are the gift of Nature, it’s only craftsmanship which enhances their natural beauty.

Marble and Onyx

Onyx products are mainly used to beautify the Interiors of a house. Combining it with the Marble brings extraordinarily pretty scenes. For instance, you can use the back-lit feature of Onyx with the Marble base and the reflection of both Stones would create a dramatic scene in your room.

Final Thought

Nobody can deny the beauty and charisma of natural stones. When they are combined, they bring an experience that’s out of this world. So, next time, infuse sophistication and class into your home by combining these natural stones.

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