How to Care Properly for Imported Marble Countertops?

Marble countertops are usually fragile in amount of resistance to scrapes, etchings, and stains due to their softness. Consequently, if not maintained correctly with regular sealing as well as daily wipes, marble countertops come with an extremely high possibility of receiving destruction from scratches, scorching pot as well as pan burns, and oil and chemical stains.

Regular Care

For optimum cleaning outcomes when coping with your marble countertop, make use of a microfiber fabric and water to clean the surface. Because marble is really a porous stone, using harsh products or generic chemicals to wipe your marble surface is really not recommended. Alternatively, it pays to get a cleanser specially made for countertops.

When unsure about using a particular product, check it out on the corner of the surface before using it on seen areas.

Common Methods to Scratch and Stain The Marble Counters

Marble is really a porous rock, so it can be susceptible to staining. Typical stain makers, including acid solutions like lemon, vinegar, and wine, may cause stains since they strip out the shielding sealant which covers a marble surface. Another stain-producing material is cooking oil. Oil seeps from the pores of marble along with stains countertops from inside.

Extreme chopping, slicing, or pulling heavy equipment can heavily injury your marble surface with many penetrating scrapes.

Despite marble’s organic cool look, it is just not impervious to extreme temperatures. When making use of hot cookware, place a trivet under each before placing them down on the countertop.

The best way to Care Marble Surface

The subsequent are several ways to care for marble surfaces and look after their amazing polished look.

Marble surfaces are actually pre-sealed by manufacturers, but it is advisable to reseal them regularly. Sealing can be a process of closing the pores within marble for making it resistant towards the absorption of chemicals, acids, as well as other stain-producing moistures. Additionally, it gives marble surfaces their visible gleaming appearance. It is suggested to have the marble countertops sealed a couple of times a year, depending on how often you utilize them.

Clean your marble surface on a regular basis by wiping them immediately after each use. Doing so removes any kind of leftover particles which could scratch or even stain the marble. The ideal home cleaner which you can use is an easy mixture of soap along with water, but it really is wise to get a unique cleaner. Apply the chemical on your marble countertop with a soft cloth or sponge and carefully blot. Make sure to rinse the sponge with water to get rid of excess soap. It is crucial to be aware never utilize detergents, harsh products, chemicals, or common cleaners to wash your marble surfaces since they can result in unexpected damages.

Start using a cutting board or some other alternative surface during preparing food to safeguard the sealant on marble surface from damaging. Avoid hauling heavy appliances on the countertop since they too can harm the surface. Using pads and coasters under appliances and drinks not just helps to safeguard your countertop from deep scrapes.

Burn marks from cookware are just superficial blemishes which may be removed effortlessly. Most countertop manufacturers provide proprietary products and solutions you may use to gloss the countertop as well as remove excess marks and stains.

Below is a list of marble dos and don’ts:


  • seal the countertop
  • reseal the countertop once in a year
  • polish the countertop or tiles
  • start using a good marble cleaner for the countertop
  • wipe splatters immediately
  • make use of cutting boards


  • reveal your countertop or even tiles to wine, mustard, oils and acids
  • wipe the countertop or tiles with harsh chemical compounds and typical household cleansers
  • place hot cookware on countertop
  • place extremely heavy materials for long time on countertop

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