Why Marbles are Expensive?

Marble is the multipurpose rock used not only for architectural purpose but also for medicinal and agricultural purposes. People have been using marble for centuries to make magnificent architectures and sculptures which are still intact. Marble adds elegance as well as luxurious look to your property. More and more people are switching towards marble garnishing because of the aesthetic value they add to your home or office.

But there is no denial of the fact that despite all the benefits marbles provide, they are expensive. The pricing varies with the type, streaks, color and origin of marbles. For example, the marbles with no streaks are comparatively more expensive than the ones with streaks in them.

Now the question arises, what actually makes these marbles highly expensive?

The cost of the stone depends on various factors like the quarrying process involved, ease of availability, production costs, and much more.

  • The process of extraction of marbles is highly cumbersome both in terms of time and cost involved. The companies engaged in the process have to engage in tough procedures off quarrying to get the marble stones out.
  • The cost of making the marble in the usable form is very high. The production process involved requires specialized machinery and equipment.
  • Marble is natural stones which take hundreds of years to replenish. Due to this, there is a scarcity of the resource which adds to the cost.


  • Marbles are high in demand these days. Due to the excess demand and limited supply, the prices of marbles are rising.
  • The marbles last very long as they are so hard. Owing to the extreme durability they provide, they are expensive.
  • The natural pure marbles are found in very rare locations. So in order to make them available across the globe, import duties have to be paid, which ultimately add to the cost.
  • Harder stones require more efforts in cutting and shaping. So the price of marbles rises when it is a hard stone.

Due to the above-stated factors, the cost of getting some special kinds of marbles is quite high. However, if you are looking for a cheaper quality, they are also readily available, but then you cannot expect them to last decades. It’s better to invest in durable long lasting stones than to face troubles later.

Marbles add a luxurious feel to your home. Be it marble flooring or countertops, marbles never disappoint the user.

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