Colours of Marbles

Marble is a natural stone that is formed deep under the earth surface. Picking out marble to use can be booth entertaining and fun. The most critical issue faced by most of the designers and individuals is the choice of marble color. Nonetheless, it often becomes tough because you come across too many choices to select from. In fact, there are hundreds of marble colors in market today, so one needs some time to choose from. Marble is available in different colors and hues ranging from white to black, brown to beige, blue to red and many more. With such subtle variations, it enhances a challenging task to freeze upon the right marble color and hue.

So folks, let’s see what we have at this end. So let’s start playing with marble colors!

Red marble

If you want to bring a touch of luxury and sophistication, red marble is the best choice for your kitchen countertops and bathrooms. Its solid and loud color offers chic and elegant style. If you want something exotic, choose this since red marble is actually the rarest. This color can be perfect in many places. It comes in rose, pink and other colors.

Blue marble

It offers a serene earthly color that represents the wide body of water as well the clear ocean color. It brings a feel of cool, calm and aqua surrounding. It builds a soothing calmness in the environment. Blue marble is available both in light and dark textures and the ones very close to purple.

Black marble

Some people consider black as a very dark color choice but it is a symbol of luxury and style. If you want to present modern architecture then black marble must be your prime choice. It is often considered to bring masculine feel but now a day; architectures are able to use it in a very feminine way. You can contrast it with almost all the other colors. Choose carefully from the several varieties of black marble in order to get the best one.

Beige marble

It offers a classic touch especially for countertops. It also looks perfect when combined with other dark marble colors.

Green marble

It represents nature. If you want to go green, then green marble is a great choice. It is often used on kitchen countertops where it can blend its color on the nature outside. However, it is quite tough to apply green marble because it can hardly be contrasted or combined with other colors but if there is craftsmanship, and then you must go for green. The great thing about the green color is that it brings a refreshing and relaxing feel which is good for a home.

Brown marble

Brown marble is available in several variations such as gold, orange etc. these can easily compliment the furniture in the

In Sum, Marble colours vary and depending on your preference, it is always a good way to play with colours. I hope the above suggestions would help you to finalize your choice. Let me know what you think.

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