Dark vs Light Marbles

Ideally, when we build our house, we start the color scheme from our entry way, the living room and the dining room. Whether we go for light or dark colored marble, we try to arrange and combine this natural stone in way to bring space, luxury and beauty to our house. Let’s see some combinations of dark and light marble throughout the house.

Dark vs Light Marble For Flooring

One of the most popular flooring materials over the years is marble, and even in today’s modern or traditional house, marble flooring is still a well sought after material. From its inherent natural beauty and durable nature to its ability to look mesmerizing in home decor, marble flooring can’t be duplicated in styling.

In fact, a combination of dark and light marble is applied in the flooring. For instance, light gold, beige or brown is used with the black marble border and the skirting. In the same way, white marble tiles are used in floors with a combination of grey and black marble tiles. On the contrary, dark marble like Emperador Dark Marble is also used in the flooring.

Dark vs Light Marble In Bathroom

If you go for unified marble scheme for the bathroom, you can either go with dark or light marble. In this respect, a combination of white and grey marble can be often observed in traditional and modern bathrooms. Apart from this, you can make different combinations of dark and light marbles. For instance, the vanity top may be a dark marble and the remaining part is made of light marble. Some people use dark marble products like bath tub, sinks and vanity tops etc and contrast them with the light colored marble flooring and marble tiles on the walls.

Dark vs Light Marble In Kitchen

Undoubtedly, kitchen is considered as a high traffic area and there are high chances of stains and other similar issues. Even after that, people usually go for light marbles to be installed in the kitchen. Again, white, grey and gold marbles are liked and admired. However, you can create a great combo of light and dark marbles. For instance, you can use beige or a red colored countertop and use a contrasting blue or white colored backsplashes. A unified color scheme for the kitchen can also be applied. As far as the dark marble is concerned, it looks perfect in the kitchen but you must pay special attention to the lighting so that your kitchen doesn’t appear too dark.


Dark vs Light Marble For Outdoors

When we talk about the outdoors, white Carrera marble is highly preferred to be installed outdoors. White marble is also used to build pathways and porches. People also create mosaic of light and dark marbles to develop different patterns outdoors. It is preferred that dark marble should be used outdoors because it may resist to harsh weather and dust etc.


Marble is born to be pretty. You can make any combination of dark and light and each time, it will beautify the place whether it is a commercial or a residential building.

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